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Include Bearing Vibration in the Analysis, Tests, and Repairs Needed for Quality Flights

Aircraft bearing vibration can easily reach dangerous levels. This makes a flight difficult for passengers and employees alike. Airlines need to make sure that the best vibration analyzer possible is used in order to make sure that bearing vibration severity is measured well. Vibration is a troubling issue during any flight, and it must be both measured and repaired well.

The Measure of Bearing Vibration

Aircraft vibration levels are usually measured on a scale from zero to 1.2 inches per second (IPS). With analysis and testing, there is a way to know about the level of balance needed in the repairs along with the potential parts that are in need of balancing. Basically, these rankings bearing vibration range from good to dangers, with the following:
0 to .2 IPS is good
0.21 to .4 IPS is fair
0.41 to .6 IPS is slightly rough
0.61 to .8 IPS is rough
0.81 to 1.0 IPS is very

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