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From The Newest USB Cables To The Network Ethernet Cables Why We Need Cables In The United States And Beyond

There is simply no doubt about that, most places in this world, technology plays an absolutely vital role. After all, technology has advanced medicine and saved lives. It has made worldwide travel possible and increased the ways and the accuracy with which we connect to people both close to home and even on the other side of the planet.

But technology matters when it comes to the everyday scope of life as well. After all, the vast majority of us have smart phones, with more than 390 Apple iPhones sold in just one minute, for every minute of the day that passes. Smart watches and laptop computers are also more commonplace than ever before, with very nearly 65% of the population of the United States owning some type of Apple device, which range from computers to phones to music listening devices to the aforementioned smart watch.

We have become accustomed to technology both in our personal lives as well as in our professional ones, where the use of technology (particularly in t

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Make Your Own Network Cable Using Cat5 Crossover Cable

Crossover cable

If you need to run some network cable, you can hire someone or buy custom lengths of cable or you can make your own network cable. It is very simple to make your own network cable with a supply of cat5 crossover cable, a crimper and some RJ-45 plugs. If you can cut and crimp, you can do this. All of these items can be found at your local hardware or electronics supply store.

Simplify Your Life With Some Cat5 Crossover Cable:

Step 1: Create the right edge to your cable. When you buy the cat5 crossover cable, it might already have a straight edge but if not, just cut it so it as the edge you want. Then use your crimper to strip about one inch of the plastic covering off of your 75 ft ethernet cable, Highspeed hdmi cables, Ipad power lightning cables on No comments