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Making Use of Marketing Analysis Services

Marketing analysis services are available for any number of business that need them, and these outsourced services can be especially useful for some businesses when they make use of geospatial data for tracking business vehicles, traveling employees, or crews that go around for their work, such as contractors or emergency rescue teams. Marketing analysis services may also involve location intelligence, keeping track of how customers move about by tracking their handheld electronic like smart phones, and this data of customer movement can help businesses learn where to place their services, when the optimal hours of operation are, and where to place advertising signs like billboards, electronic ad screens, and more. It may be difficult and expensive for a business to have in-house marketing analysis services, so instead, this labor will often the outsourced to companies that specialize in location intelligence, Location intelligence companies, Marketing analytics services, Spatial analysis on No comments

Demographic Reporting Which Demographics Should You Care About, and Why?

Demographic reporting

No matter what your business does, it can’t be everything to everyone. And consumers don’t want to be seen as “everyone” — for the most part, people readily categorize themselves in some way. “Book-lovers” or “sports fanatics” or “fashionistas” — these categories aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, but you also probably don’t need to target each one of them with your marketing campaigns. That’s where demographic reporting comes in.

Demographics can include anything from age and gender to income, ethnicity, and hobbies. So how can you use demographic reporting to spend your marketing budget wisely? And how do you know which demographics matter to you?

You want to sell your product or service to the people most likely to buy it. That means if your company specializes in financial services,

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