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Digital Marketing Continues to be an Important Investment for Most Companies

Although the tasks are not supposed to be directed toward any brand or product, some of the writing assignments a search engine optimization (SEO) writer gets can be very specific. Anyone who has ever written organic content for an SEO company knows that the topics can be both diverse and dynamic. The role of an organic content creator, though, is to generate engaging writing, no matter the topic. To succeed in these endeavors requires a writer to be flexible. When assigned a topic that is familiar it is often very effective to reflect on specific personal experiences to draw in online readers. When assigned a topic that a writer is unfamiliar with, it is important to look over the provided facts, get up to speed as soon as possible, and complete the task, allowing time to move on the next, hopefully more familiar, topic.

Search engine marketing looks to be a driving factor in the advertis

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5 Safe Storage Temperatures for Biological Samples

Maintaining the appropriate storage conditions for pharmaceuticals and biological materials is of the utmost importance. In fact, it only takes a temperature fluctuation of about 2°C to substantially damage a pharmaceutical product. In order to avoid negatively impacting the integrity of a pharmaceutical sample, a savvy sample management plan should be undertaken. Whether the substances require short-term accommodation at room temperature or something more long-term to provide better cold shipping solutions, it is essential to recognize what levels of cold storage are appropriate in different scenarios. Read ahead to discover five ranges of temperature-controlled biostorage, and learn how each level serves its own distinct purpose.

Cryogenic Freezer Storage (-150°C to -190°C)

Cryogenic Freezer Storage is the touchstone when it com

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