3 Popular Industries for Thermoformed Plastics


There are a wide array of packaging jobs that cater to several industries. Statistics show that the flexible packaging industry alone employs nearly 79,000 individuals. Another popular type of packaging is that made with thermoplastics. These types of plastics offer many types of advantages for vastly growing industries. Considering the popularity of these industries, it’s understandable to find out which ones are often hiring. With that in mind, here are three industries often recruiting for thermoplastics jobs.

Food Equipment Companies Frequently Need Thermoplastics

You’ll find that many companies within the food equipment industry depend on thermoforming. Flexible plastics are often needed for food and beverage vending machines. There are many advantages of thermoforming for these industries.

One popular reason for thermoforming to be used in the food industry is because this material can be made quickly. This helps to ensure that food and beverage equipment companies are able to receive these machines as fast as possible. In addition, the low cost of thermoformed plastic makes this material beneficial for equipment companies looking to save money. The rapid growth of many of these companies means that many jobs can be found within this industry.

Thermoplastics are Often Utilized in the Medical Industry

The medical industry often utilizes thermoplastics for many purposes including coverings for electronic equipment in medical devices. Many medical instruments made with plastic are the product of thermoforming.

Thermoforming in the medical industry allows companies to have immense amounts of flexibility. This flexibility allows these companies to have equipment used for types of medical testing. Considering how fast this industry continues to expand, there are many thermoplastic companies partnering with medical company clients.

Thermoforming is Popular in the Transportation Industry

It’s understandable to wonder how thermoplastics would be popular in the transportation industry. After all, vehicles are obviously made primarily out of metal. However, it’s important to not forget about the interiors of these automobiles. For vehicles both small and large, thermoforming plastics are used to create interior panels, luggage racks, and armrests.

To summarize, there are several industries that commonly are in need of thermoplastics staff. Unfortunately, 71% of those surveyed admitted to having a shortage of skilled workers. Many of these companies work with plastics recruiters in order to find the right candidates. Statistics from 2013 found that one of the most often utilized source for qualified candidates were referrals. Therefore, plastic recruiters can often be that one referral you need to receive a job within the thermoplastics industry.

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