3 Tips for Server Rack Maintenance


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Technology has greatly improved the way businesses run. Although some tech innovations, like the cloud, which caused 14% of companies to downsize their Information Technology (IT) department, don’t rely on user repairs as much as before, IT professionals are still an essential part of business.

Some organizations can still function without proper IT assistance, but the majority of tech-based companies, especially those that rely on various types of server racks, still need IT professionals to handle the more technical aspects of business.

Server rack maintenance, for example, is a necessary part of business, but can be a difficult one to comprehend if the person performing the repair has little to no knowledge on these data racks in the first place. Although it’s still recommended to have your IT professional handle your data rack maintenance, here are a few things you should keep in mind if you ever have to perform any repair jobs yourself.

Be Sure That Everything is Backed Up
Your first step, before you do any other repair or maintenance job, is to make sure that all your important information is safely backed up. If you damage the equipment, which is certainly a possibility, and you never backed up your files, you run the risk of losingĀ everything, which can obviously be a serious problem for your business. You should implement a few test recovery programs to check to see if everything will remain backed up should a problem ever occur.

Inspect for Hardware Errors
After you’ve backed up everything, and continue to do so in order to protect new information, you should perform an inspection on your data racks to find out if it’s an actual hardware issue or not. You can review the logs and look for any obvious hardware issues like overheating, errors with identifying software, or serious network errors.

Security Audit
Performing a security audit is essential. You should regularly use an auditing tool to inspect your system’s configuration, find out if your updates are working properly, and search for any potential security threats. It’s recommend that you perform a security audit at least 4 to 6 times a year.

Although your IT team should handle most of the server rack issues within your business, you might need additional assistance. If you want to speak to a professional about data racks, contact Amco Enclosures today.

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