A Poorly Ventilated Server Room Is An Accident Waiting To Happen Server Rack Sizes


Data storage isn’t just choosing the biggest hard drive on the market.

It also means making sure all your equipment is safe and secure. This is a complex process that requires you look at the advantages and disadvantages of space. Aisle containment is a major benefit — or a major detriment — for today’s data centers, providing workers a means of both accessing essential information and keeping equipment working. The digital age doesn’t mean physical storage is obsolete, so it’s time to rethink a few things and approach 2019 with a fresh perspective. There are plenty of data cabinets to choose from!

Learn more about the benefits of cold aisle containment and which server rack sizes will suit you best.

Fast Facts About Data Centers Today

You’ll be surprised to know that today’s data centers aren’t all that efficient. According to recent studies, data centers more than just seven years old are considered out of date. Green Computing norms have also determined the practical lifespan of a data center is only nine years, which should give you some idea on what to aim for. The power density of a data center is up to 100 times more than even a large commercial office building. That’s as many as nine shopping malls of Wal-Mart size!

Maintaining A Low Energy Output

As you can clearly see, keeping your energy output as low as possible is a big priority. Everyone wants to save money at the end of the day. A recent study has seen 80% of companies reportedly saving money by moving much of their data to the cloud, reducing the need for server size racks. There’s still a need for physical rooms, however, to store routers, towers, and cables. Another survey has over 75% of data centers either employing or actively searching for hot and cold aisle containment systems to keep servers maintained.

Keeping A Steady Temperature At All Times

How does data center aisle containment work, exactly? One of its most significant functions is keeping temperature low and even. This helps keep computers from overheating, reducing the amount of power needed to run them and extending their lifespan in one go. These are evenly spaced, just enough to let airflow circulate, but close enough to make sure you’re using every inch to the fullest. The air conditioning costs of your average server room with 30 KW of air conditioning operating at 70% capacity can produce over 240 tonnes of greenhouse gas.

Staying Organized With Data Racks

Saving energy doesn’t just mean electricity, but the energy of your workers. A 2011 survey tallied up its results on company expectations, finding 40% of respondents stating they expect to exceed IT capacity over the following few years. Data rack products make sure every last cable is organized meticulously, making maintenance much easier on everyone involved. This can also reduce your probability of an accident. Over 65% of IT equipment failures are directly attributed to poorly maintained air conditioning or electrical failures.

How To Ensure A Safe, Well-Organized Data Storage Room

Choosing server rack sizes is more than just fulfilling an obligation. You’re taking the steps necessary to make the safest, most cost-efficient data storage room around. Traffic from both wireless and mobile devices will account for over 60% of total IP traffic once 2021 comes around. More and more companies are making the switch to the cloud, but the need for hot aisle containment options is still relevant. Without a reliable server room you could be exposing yourself to environmental hazards and reduced business.

Stay organized. Stay safe. Choose server rack sizes that transform your data storage room into a representation of the future.

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