An Easy Guide to Simplifying Spreadsheets with Commercial Space Management Systems


Efficient control of space is critical to the success of commercial space management systems. Regardless of the type of space a company owns or rents, correctly managing it benefits the company.

There are countless advantages your business will enjoy when you develop a proactive strategy for managing space. Apart from maintaining and enhancing the company culture and brand, effective space management also helps retain and attract employees, meet the organization’s needs, keep up with the latest trends, and achieve its sustainability goals.

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You can also increase employee productivity, reduce unused space, increase usage efficiency, and save on operational costs.

When a company mismanages its business space, it can lead to severe repercussions. With insufficient space, it can hamper the company’s daily operational activities and inhibit any growth for the business. On the other hand, having excessive space can mean that the company is paying too much for the rent and utility bills.

In this short yet detailed video by P.O.C System, you’ll learn how extensive the work involved in commercial space management systems is and how it is no easy feat – especially if you’re using conventional methods. Not only is it time-consuming and challenging, but having to interpret multiple drawings and complicated spreadsheets for a large space will be better if you have an efficient tool you can use for assistance.


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