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Are You Employed by the Computer Data Storage or Finance Industry?

This has been a stressful month.
It is probably safe to assume that if you transfer the worker who is in the highest demand to another team that he will leave the company. The problem, though, is that this particular worker’s skill set is in such high demand that the current flow chart has allowed him to isolate himself. He is capable of solving most programming challenges, but is not good at delegating any tasks. He is a literal genius and it is much easier to solve the problems himself than ask others for assistance. Knowing that he does not delegate tasks, however, is a problem for the top level managers. There is simply too much work to be completed by any one person, and this is causing more and more problems for the entire team. There are many people who want to help check things off the to do list, but without the credentials to even log in to work on the tasks, this is not happening. The entire situation, in fact, is putting many of the current projects at risk, unless a so

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