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USB, CAT, HDMI Learning The Differences Between Your Cables To Improve Your Home Set-Up

What does the USB cable do? Why should your set-up have the latest CAT cable? It’s all a lot of jargon that doesn’t always make sense.

Learning the difference, however, isn’t as hard as it looks. Cables are one of the most used electronics today, irregardless of what kind of home set-up you have. They keep us connected to all our devices and provide us the opportunity to use the Internet, stream, and watch movies as comfortably as possible. If you’re in the position of digging through that old box of cables, consider switching things up. Not only do better cables deliver better results, they save you time and money.

Stop struggling with slow Internet. Improve your phone charger capacity. Here are five solid tips for improving your electronics.

The History Of Cables Around The World

It’s hard to believe there was once life without electronics. The very first fiber optic cable was first used to connected the United States with France

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