Considerations For The Importance Of Pharmaceutical Shipping And Storage


Pharmaceutical companies are hugely important here in the United States as well as all throughout the world in its entirety. Thanks to pharmaceutical companies, we are able to get the medications that we are often so very much in need of. Medications are utilized, after all, for any number of different conditions. For one thing, it is common to take medications as a preventative for various diseases, such as to deal with migraines or to stave off heart disease or even just to keep cholesterol levels down. Medication for mental health needs is also something that is often commonly needed and medication can help people deal with conditions that range from depression to anxiety to even much more severe and life altering mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Medications of many kinds can also help people who might be dealing with various chronic pain conditions. For far too many people, chronic pain is something that impacts just about every aspect of their life. Fortunately, medications like painkillers and even sometimes opiates can help to mitigate this pain and reduce it considerably.

And pharmaceuticals can help you to recover if you are sick. For those who have an infection of a bacterial nature, antibiotics can be lifesaving. And even anti-viral treatments can help you to recover if you have come down with something such as the flu. And vaccines of all kinds, ranging from those administered to very young children and babies to those who are still given to adults, can help to keep us safe for a wide number of diseases indeed, diseases that once caused serious illness and even death in our communities at large.

But in order for medication and all kinds of pharmaceuticals to help out those who are in need of them, they often must be transported and stored all throughout the country. Fortunately, this has become more possible than ever, what with annual spending on drug therapies now totaling more than $270 billion over the course of just one single year. In total, the global market for pharmaceuticals is set to reach an overall worth that is higher than $1 trillion – all by the time that we reach the year of 2022, now only a small period of time ahead of us in the future, a mere two or so years.

Shipping pharmaceutical drugs properly is hugely important, as is temperature controlled drug storage. As anyone working for something like a cold chain delivery service can attest to, the temperature of drugs is critical to their overall quality and stability. The cold chain delivery service is so important, as a matter of fact, because up to 70% of all pharmaceutical drugs (the vast majority by any standards) are susceptible to damage from temperature changes and must be kept at a staple temperature through the work of a cold chain delivery service as well as in a pharmaceutical storage facility. Even a variation in temperature by as little as two degrees Celsius has been found to negatively impact the overall quality of the product, even just outright destroying it. Therefore, the need for the typical cold chain delivery service is a very clear one indeed.

After all, the role of a typical cold chain delivery service is something that is very likely to save pharmaceutical companies a great deal of money, as a well run cold chain delivery service prevents the variations in temperature as mentioned above – and the damage that these variations can all too frequently lead to. At the end of the day, pharmaceutical companies already lose an average of $150,000 to such issues. But the utilization of something such as a cold chain delivery service can help to mitigate such losses and even reduce them quite dramatically over the course of time. Therefore, it is very clear to see that the role of the typical cold chain delivery service is not only already of importance, but is something that will only likely grow in importance in the years that are ahead of us. Ultimately, we need such services more than ever here in the United States as well as on a much more global scale.

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