From Quality HDMI To Fast CAT Learning The Language Of Cables For Your Entertainment Center


Nobody wants to feel like they’re money is going to waste. With electronics, however, it’s all too easy.

Charging your phone can be harder than it looks, especially with an older model. Fast Internet can seem like a pipe dream when your connection dips for the fifth time in a row. It’s time to stop grinding your teeth and get some knowledge on your side. There are plenty of great tools available to make sure you’re enjoying high quality tools at all times. From better cell phone cable accessories to highspeed HDMI cables, your better performing entertainment center is just around the corner.

Do you have a home office? Are you a Twitch streamer? Try these tips below to improve the efficiency of your electronics.

Did You Know?

There’s nothing like a few fun facts to make all this new information on network Ethernet cables go down easy. The very first fiber optic cable was used to connect the United States, France, and Britain together in the 1980’s. It’s since been used as a very high quality cable, using glass to transport data at lightning fast speeds. The average American today has several electronics to their name. From iPhones to tablets to home computers, connecting these all together means knowing your cables to the letter.

Keep Your Phone In Tip-Top Shape With A Better Charger

Why not start off with your phone? If you’re frustrated about your phone’s inability to charge properly, it’s time to invest in a better charger. A 2017 study found 65% of Americans owned an iPad, Apple Watch, or iPad. Phones are even more common, though not everyone knows how to get the most juice out of their system. A common rule of thumb suggests not waiting until your phone’s at 0% to plug it in (experts find 40% to be a good minimum).

Improve Your Internet Speed With CAT Cables

It’s easy to tell when you need a network Ethernet cable. Internet that constantly drops out, or is just too slow, is a frustrating problem many can relate to. What makes CAT cables so wonderful is how easily they can be customized. CAT5 cables, for starters, are a perfect choice for those that just want a stable connection to check their e-mail with. CAT5e cables and CAT6 cables, however, are preferred by hobbyists or professionals with a home office.

Clear Up Your Audio Video Quality With HDMI Cables

For those that like to stream once or twice a week, this is one area you don’t want to fall behind on. Strong audio video quality is expected in today’s advanced times, particularly if you rely on it to appeal to a wide audience. HDMI to DVI cables can provide you a little more wiggle room should your Internet drop out. You can couple them with fiber optic cables to deliver the fastest response possible. Tell slow loading times and fuzzy picture quality to take a hike!

Consider Adding On Crossover Cables And Surge Protectors

Starting to sound like too many cables? Simplify the process with crossover cables that can combine everything in one convenient place. A surge protector can do much the same, providing you one location to plug everything in and extra protection. The number of joules on the back of a surge protector tells you its energy absorption rating. The higher this number, the more protected you are in the event of a power surge.

Spend your money wisely. Use a network Ethernet cable for Internet, HDMI cables for audio video quality, and crossover cables to tie it all together.

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