How to Secure and Protect Your Business’ Digital Property With Cloud Brokerage Services


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The idea of property and ownership has been around for centuries, but the introduction of the internet and digital property has caused earlier conceptions. Many businesses rely on servers and data centers to run applications on a multitude of devices simultaneously. Servers and the cabinets that house them can cost companies thousands in maintenance and upgrades. Businesses of today have the option of bypassing the expenses associated with data centers by utilizing the Cloud.

What is the Cloud?

Without getting too technical, the Cloud is a network of servers that use the internet to wirelessly connect users with applications, files, and services we use every day. Many of us use the Cloud without even being aware of it — modern e-mail uses the Cloud to store inbox e-mail messages. There is a data center for the Cloud, but because the internet allows users to remotely access the information stored in the Cloud there is no need for businesses to keep extensive server rooms to run all of their applications. In fact, the government plans on using the Cloud communications to reduce its data center infrastructure expenses by around 30%.

How To Use the Cloud for Business

Bypassing all of the costs and issues associated with maintaining servers is only the beginning of the benefits businesses can receive by using the Cloud. As many as 59% of large enterprises use the Cloud because it helps to improve the integration between development and operations; since files can be accessed remotely, the Cloud allows seamless file sharing between users. Although the Cloud can prove to be an essential part of any company’s digital property if used as intended, if misused or unprotected, businesses could suffer severe consequences in the form of intellectual property theft.

Why Businesses Need Cloud Services Brokers

A Cloud services broker helps manage a business’ digital infrastructure by determining the best Cloud system to suit a company’s needs. Not all Clouds are the same: there is a public Cloud which allows infrastructure to be shared publically and there are private Clouds that are significantly more secure. Up to 60% of businesses use the public Cloud and 57% use the private Cloud; yet 19% of businesses adopt a hybrid Cloud system that utilizes both public and private Clouds. Up to 52% of businesses that use Cloud software plan on updating their existing Cloud services within the next six months. A Cloud services brokerage can help companies choose which Cloud model works best for their needs. In order to protect their digital assets, 80% of organizations have developed a plan for a Cloud governance policy alongside their cloud brokerage services as an unfortunately high number of corporate intellectual property is stolen by current and former employees.

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