Line Shafts for Water Processing Across Many Industries


Water pumps help manage the flow of clean and dirty water into and out of homes and other buildings. These are often needed to help prevent flooding and water damage throughout cities and other locations as well. Septic tanks, sewers, diaphragm water pumps, and other common pumps are used for this function, but there are many other mechanical pumps like line shafts and line shaft pumps included in this list as well.

Working Line Shafts

Line shafts are part of power-driven water management systems, with the need for lines, pumps, pipes, and more throughout the system. Sort of like a working transmission, these are powered and drive water through a building, often industrial or agricultural, where there is greater water usage than in a residential home. These line shafts work in a rotating motion combined with the plumbing of any building, in order to move water along through a system. reciprocating action of the pump, along with several valves. These include the check valve, butterfly valve, flap valves, and any additional shut-off valves. All of these parts work together to pump water.

Line shafts are most often used in large industries, and are able to work on different ships and barges that spend their time on the water. The entire processing system for water can be completed with vertical line pumps, as they remain submersed in the body of water where they sit. Considering the fact that in residential plumbing almost a quarter of water usage is taken up by the toilet, the collection of water by line shafts and other efficient water systems is helpful in these locations. Out on the water in drilling barges and other locations these line shafts are best to work with water but also in the deep welling process.

Water Pumps Used Across Various Industries

It is helpful to know that diaphragm water pumps can be used in some different industries themselves. Additionally, there are certain pumps, for water and other fluids, that work to assist in specific tasks. The work that they are used for can be determined by the title of the pump or something as simple as the location where they will be placed. Some of these pumps include the following:

  • Non submersible pumps
  • Line shaft pumps
  • Industrial water pumps
  • Electric submersible pumps
  • Hydraulic water pumps
  • Agriculture water pumps
  • Double diaphragm water pumps

Some of these systems and parts may not provide a great definition simply from their title. However, seeing words like the hydraulic water pump or double diaphragm water pump, there is much to consider from the added action they could produce. Some of those that can exist underwater are able to work with the water systems of cities and counties, along with the ability of sewage pump rentals to help with water treatment facilities.

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