Moither’s Day Gifts For Tech Loving Moms


Cell phone cable accessories

Got a mom who loves playing with zipcord fiber optic cables for fun? While it may sound far-fetched, believe us when we say that these women are out there, and they are strong and amazing mothers that will swoon at a tech savvy Mother’s Day gift. That’s right, May 8 is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten your techie mother a valentine’s day gift, you best get your zipcord fiber optic cables in order!
But if you think she wants something a little more exciting than bulk fiber optic cable bundles, why not consider these awesome tech-savvy gift ideas below:

Amazon Echo
If your mother is a hand-free kinda gal, then give her the gift of her own digital personal assistant. The Amazon Echo is a multi-purpose speaker that responds to just about any voice command. With Amazon Echo, your mother will not only be able to stream your favorite apps such as Spotify and Pandora, but she’ll be able to create reminders, check the weather, and order items from Amazon without so much as lifting a finger.

Battery Backup Chargers
You really can’t get enough cell phone accessories — especially battery backup chargers. For busy moms with hectic schedules, this is a perfect gift that will come in handy in tight situations. All your mom needs to do is throw it in her purse and it will go wherever she goes. It beats lugging cell phone cables around!

Smartphone Camera Attachments
What better way to make a memory last than by taking a photo? That being said, get your mom some awesome attachments that will help make these memories even better. Get her the Photojojo Pocket Spotlight if you want to help her shine a light on her favorite memories.

Does your mom have a lot of shows she loves to watch? Then give her the gift of live streaming! With a Roku stick, she’ll never miss her favorite television programs again. And it’s guaranteed that you’ll be the favorite child.

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