Reaching Millennial Generation Customers


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The tools required for a successful business change with each and every generation. Children are brought up with different values, morals, and processes. The Millennial generation today is unique, in the fact that they grew up with an abundance of information at their fingertips. They do not know a world without technology. A common cause of disconnect between businesses and customers is the lack of aiming marketing strategies at upcoming customers. Consider the following tips for reaching the Millennial generation customer.

Engage on social media

Social media is the new medium for communication. People catch up with old friends and family members by connecting with them on social media sites. Additionally, customers often connect with local businesses before choosing to visit them. They want to know what other customers and locals have said about the business first. A business that wants to connect with this generation needs to have a strong social media presence, which means interacting via social media. A local SEO company can help those unfamiliar with this type of marketing.

Email communication

Email communication has pushed out regular mail. In fact, most customers are more willing to accept unsolicited mail in their Email accounts than they are at their home address. Businesses can also increase their mailing lists with things like coupons and discounts. In return, the customer is accepting frequent communication, putting the business at the top of their mind.

Search and Email are still the two top internet activities. Email is also much quicker than regular mail, with many people having direct access to their Emails through their mobile devices. Prospecting with Email marketing is often cheaper and easier to implement for smaller and medium sized businesses, making it a popular and effective marketing choice.

Text communication

Texting as a business is still a newer type of marketing. However, it has proven so far, to be very successful. When customers receive a text with discounts or store information, they are more likely to visit that store in the next couple of days. A local SEO company would recommend text communication for additional business practices, including order and ship dates, and notifications of changes in the business.

Internet reviews

Perhaps one of the biggest differences about Millennials is that they rely on what others say. They believe in the previous experiences of others and that review can affect their decision on whether or not to frequent a business. This has created the times of reviews. Almost any business can be reviewed. It is important to be aware of your internet ratings.

According to Pew Internet, 58% of people have researched a service or product online. Access to reviews is extremely simple with local search engines and digital marketing. One of the biggest benefits of SEO is the awareness of the internet presence. A business that pays attention to its ratings also tends to be more involved with their local SEO company, and SEO results.


Blogs are another common trend of the Millennial generation. Blogging can be an effective way to communicate with others. Internet users become regular followers of popular blog writers. If these blogs receive enough attention, they can be an important internet marketing tool. They can also significantly increase the effectiveness of local SEO results. There are 27 million pieces of online content shared each day. Working with a local SEO company can ensure that the blog material shared is competitive with similar blogs.

Mobile apps

In addition to easy accessibility of the internet on mobile devices, mobile applications have also become important. The Millennial generation downloads multiple mobile applications on their phones, some of which are store applications. These applications need to be convenient, simple to use, and provide some type of benefit for the user to download it. However, if used correctly, they can be a great way to increase loyalty with customers.

As times change, marketing campaigns should also. The upcoming adult and customer population includes the Millennial population, a group of people who were raised with regular internet access. A business that wants to reach this new group of customers? needs to keep up with internet advances and find new and convenient ways of communicating with this different type of consumer.

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