Save Money and Improve Your Bottom Line with a CCTV System


Cat5e cable bulk

If you handle information technology at a place with security cameras you probably have to deal with cables. Most security camera system run on the Siamese video cable, which has additional features to make it more secure. It has a shield for the coaxial cable. It has the added benefit of being able to carry a video signal over longer spaces without any loss of the integrity of the signal.

Cables, like everything else in the world, do not last forever. Your RJ45 cables will last for between one thousand and two thousand insertions before they fail. Frayed cell phone cables are not just a pain in the neck, they can be dangerous. When they fray they become a fire hazard. These caused fires in about 53,600 homes around the country in 2008. That caused more than 50 deaths, resulted in 1,400 injuries and left $1.4 billion in lost property. Given a cell phone’s lifespan that lasts about two years, it is easy to see how cell phone chargers get frayed and damage by every day wear and tear. These are not the most durable cell phone accessories.

If you want to save money with money on a closed circuit TV (CCTV) system, the first place you can cut down some of your expenses is with the Siamese video cable. Because you can measure to the exact length that you need you can order your siamese video cable in bulk and then cable as you need around your business. This flexibility can be very beneficial if you have a lot of ground to over with your siamese cable. You can also negotiate with the installer to get the services you want at a price you can afford. If your business is large one, you may be able to talk them down on some services.

There are some real benefits to your wallet with a CCTV System. Many business insurance policies offer reduced rates for companies that have these systems installed. Insurance experts say these systems reduce company’s rates by between 5 and 20%. Those savings add up to real money after a while.

If you operate any kind of cash business, your bottom line is most likely hurt by shoplifting. Your resolution can be spot on with the camera and siamese cable. You have several kind of options in terms of the kind of device will record your video camera footage. Cameras with monitors that are visible all around your business can deter potential thieves who know they are on camera and are being watched. Deterrence is incredibly important in theft prevention.

If you have any slip and fall claims, you can prove your side of the story with your video footage. The quality on many of these cameras is very accurate. With an average payout of $22,000 incident, you can be liable for dishonest people who want to make free money. You can protect yourself and your reputation by installing a CCTV system.

You can prevent employee theft, too. Not all the thieves who enter your establishment are shoppers, some are employees. You can deter them from taking your merchandise by installing security cameras and the corresponding siamese video cables. You can also turn over the footage to law enforcement officials who can investigate and possibly prosecute the offenders.

Armed with security cameras and the right Siamese video cable, you can protect your business from a host of problems. Unlike other highspeed HDMI cables, the Siamese video cable can more accurately and securely. The resolution is important for this kind of system, which is why you need the right kind of cable for your system. You might find that with your insurance reduction and a reduction of the amount of theft your business experiences, the security system will pay for itself in time. You will also be more productive when you do not have to be on the look out for would be thieves.

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