Tech Jobs Are Much Better Worked Outdoors at Home


Working from home is the dream, isn’t it? You get to decide when you start working (mostly) and you can take as many breaks as you need. Plus, you can head outside to a nice covered deck enclosure and do your work surrounded by fresh air and natural sounds. No need to worry about eye doctors because you’ve been staring at a screen for eight hours straight. Having a tech job you can do from home is really a great thing. If you’re looking for a tech work solution that won’t have you stuck in an office all day, keep reading. We’ll look at some of the best tech jobs you can do right from the comfort of your house while still being able to earn enough to live a good life.

Land Surveying

This isn’t technically speaking a tech work solution that you can do from home, but it’s still one that’s interesting enough to quickly mention. If you’re good at technology and able to learn fast, you can become a land surveyor and spend lots of time outside. A land surveyor is a skilled professional who utilizes mathematical principles and data obtained from various sources to accurately measure distances and boundaries of land. They employ specialized equipment like global positioning systems and engage in direct observation to gather information.

The responsibilities of a land surveyor encompass observing and documenting elevations, depressions, and contours within a specific area of land. They calculate the coordinates of geographic features and meticulously verify the accuracy of their calculations and data. Additionally, they conduct thorough research on property information to identify boundaries and meticulously prepare sketches, maps, and reports. Doesn’t that sound super interesting?

Video Game Tester

Do you enjoy playing video games and would like to make a career out of it? Well, you totally can! This is a tech work solution for working from home that won’t even feel like work, since you’ll get to play video games quite a lot, and you’ll get paid for it! Video game testers are responsible for playing new games shortly after development to find bugs and glitches in the software. Some video game companies run tests in their own facilities, but you can work from home as well, since you only need the game and a good computer for this kind of job to work out. If you’re testing console games, you’ll need the latest gaming console, of course.

User Experience (UX) Designer

If you want a tech work solution that will have you using technical skills in a completely different way to video game testing, you could become a UX (User Experience) designer. As a user experience designer, your main role is to ensure that digital products fulfill their intended purpose when used by users. While you may be engaged in the technical aspects of production and occasionally required to be present in the office, a significant part of your work involves collaboration. This includes conducting focus groups and review sessions with potential users outside of the office environment. You will have to actively involve users in the design process, so you can create user-friendly and intuitive experiences for digital products.

Technical Writer

Do you have technical knowledge and an understanding of how to write interesting content? Then you can adopt the tech work solution of being a technical writer who sits in the comfort of their home and writes papers or articles to sell to interested parties. Technical writers are able to create different forms of content, from in-depth instruction manuals for software or devices to interesting but clear discussions of related topics. As a technical writer, you’ll have to gather information and use words to make it make sense to folks who don’t have a technical understanding of the topic. In most cases, all you need is your knowledge, a laptop or computer, and a reliable internet connection to be a successful technical writer.

Remote Software Developer

Software developers have the flexibility to work remotely, giving them the freedom to select their desired work environment, often opting for outdoor spaces. By simply relying on a stable internet connection and a laptop, software developers can effectively collaborate with their team, write code, and create software while enjoying the convenience of their own homes or outdoor locations. If you wish to spend your work days under trees at home, you may have to hire tree trimming companies to do some expert tree pruning to prevent accidents, but that shouldn’t be a problem or complaint for you while working comfortably from home.

If you have an outdoor space that is swallowed up by trees, we suggest you hire a tree removal service to remove a few so you can take your laptop outside, put on your thinking cap, and earn a nice living from home!

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing intricate data and deriving valuable insights to facilitate data-driven decision-making. A significant portion of their work revolves around handling extensive datasets and creating algorithms, tasks that can be carried out remotely. Opting to work outdoors can offer a rejuvenating shift in your surroundings while performing data analysis duties, making this an interesting and convenient tech work solution for folks who enjoy working with data. If you’re already a data scientist working in an office, you should ask your boss if you can work from home or find a similar position at another company that lets you work from any location.

IT Consultant

Are you good at IT and able to help others deal with IT-related problems? Then being an IT consultant could be just the tech work solution you’ve been looking for that will give you the freedom to work from home. IT consultants offer valuable technical guidance and specialized knowledge to businesses, individuals, and organizations. They are skilled at providing assistance with network configuration, cybersecurity measures, system enhancement, and other related areas. Although client meetings may be necessary, a significant portion of the research, analysis, and planning tasks can be accomplished remotely, granting consultants the flexibility to choose outdoor environments as their workspace.

Digital Marketer

Do you have a knack for marketing and want to work from home? Why not become a digital marketer who works remotely? Digital marketers specialize in promoting products or services through online channels, including social media, content creation, and search engine optimization. A significant portion of their work can be carried out remotely, allowing for the flexibility to work outdoors or from the comfort of their homes. Tasks such as content writing, campaign planning, and performance analysis can be accomplished independently with just a laptop and an internet connection. Of course, you need to understand the relevant markets and keep yourself updated with the latest marketing trends, but all of this can be done from home.

SEO Specialist

Not to be confused with a digital marketer, an SEO specialist knows all about Search Engine Optimization. While SEO is part of digital marketing, if you focus solely on this one aspect, you can become a true expert in the subject, which warrants it being a work tech solution in its own category. SEO specialists can easily work from home (or anywhere, really). As an SEO specialist, you’ll have to create and manage online marketing campaigns, analyze relevant data, and optimize websites and marketing efforts. All of this can be done from home, as long as you have an internet connection and a reliable laptop or computer. You can work for many different companies at one time, earning quite a reasonable amount of money.

Freelance Web Designer/Developer

If you know how to design awesome websites and web pages, you can become a successful web designer or developer without ever leaving your home. This makes freelance web development one of the best tech work solution options out there. You can work with clients to create complete websites, design interesting user interfaces, and develop web applications and it doesn’t matter where you do your work. As such, you can work from home and set your own hours. If you’re working at home, though, it might be a good idea to do an air conditioning inspection so you’re never without heat or cooling when working.

Online Educator/Instructor

Online learning platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years, so if you have good knowledge you can share, you can become an online instructor or educator. You can teach just about anything via these online learning platforms, from web development to data science, coding, and everything in between. Even if you don’t have technical skills, you can still teach online. Many people are teaching curious students about art, history, and other non-tech topics and earning good money doing so. This is a tech work solution that doesn’t have to be tech-only. Just make sure you actually know enough about your chosen topic to offer value to your students.

Data Analyst

Data analysts, not to be confused with data scientists, work with data and use their knowledge and understanding to extract valuable insights. This kind of work can easily be done from the comfort of your home if you have a good laptop, reliable internet, and access to relevant data tools. Data analysts have to create reports, presentations, and summaries to convey their findings and recommendations to their employees. They highlight key insights, trends, and actionable recommendations based on the data analysis. You’ll have to use different methods like data mining and predictive modeling to get usable info from the data you analyze. This is quite a demanding job, but since you can do it from home, it’s a great tech work solution for folks who hate stuffy offices.

Indie Game Developer

Are you passionate about games and want to make your own? You can, and you can do it from home! You’ll need a good development plan that outlines your game development process that includes programming tasks, designs, the game concept, and deadlines, and then you’re ready to start making your own games. You will have to continuously develop your skills by making small games and finishing projects while getting monetary support via Kickstarter and similar platforms, but you’ll be able to do all this from your home. It may be necessary to have robust custom built computers that are capable of running intensive programs like Unreal Engine 5, so make sure you have enough money for that aspect of game development.

3D Artist

If you dream of working in an outdoor living space creating awesome 3D models and assets, you can! Being a 3D artist can be quite exciting, and you’ll be able to work independently and from home. You’ll constantly have to refine and hone your 3D skills, but that’s part of the fun. You can build an impressive portfolio and attract big clients like BMW, Coca-Cola, and more. If you’re going to work outside, though, be sure to hire a local tree service to keep your trees nice and trimmed so you don’t get hurt while creating beautiful 3D art!

Owner of a Phone Repair Shop

Last, but certainly not least on our extensive list of awesome outdoor tech jobs, is being the owner of a phone repair shop. Okay, you won’t exactly be working outdoors, but you can still spend your time outside when you get the chance. For this kind of venture to work, you need a really good business plan and extensive knowledge of phone repairs. Alternatively, you can hire someone who knows how to repair phones and take care of other parts of the business, such as planning its marketing and daily tasks. Also, make sure you have a good location where potential customers can easily find you.

Over the past few years, the world has learned that working from home isn’t only possible, but it’s also really good for your mental health. What are you waiting for? We’ve listed almost every tech work solution to choose from if you want to work from home. All you have to do now is determine which of your skills you can use to make this happen for you. Good luck!

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