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Make Your Own Network Cable Using Cat5 Crossover Cable

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If you need to run some network cable, you can hire someone or buy custom lengths of cable or you can make your own network cable. It is very simple to make your own network cable with a supply of cat5 crossover cable, a crimper and some RJ-45 plugs. If you can cut and crimp, you can do this. All of these items can be found at your local hardware or electronics supply store.

Simplify Your Life With Some Cat5 Crossover Cable:

Step 1: Create the right edge to your cable. When you buy the cat5 crossover cable, it might already have a straight edge but if not, just cut it so it as the edge you want. Then use your crimper to strip about one inch of the plastic covering off of your 75 ft ethernet cable, Highspeed hdmi cables, Ipad power lightning cables on No comments

Improving Your SEO Rankings with a Professional

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Most people have Googled themselves at one time or another. What about if you own a small business? Have you ever attempted to search for your business as if you were a potential customer? Many companies are turning to internet marketing today. A large majority of the population is spending hours and hours per day on the internet. Most potential customers will not even visit a storefront if they cannot find any information about the company online. Searching for your business is a great way to see where your website falls in the search engine results.

Doing a local search SEO provides great insight into a company?s internet marketing success. If customers are unable to find your site, or information about your company, how will they visit you, and how will then become a customer of yours? The

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Four Benefits to Utilizing a Cloud Services Brokerage

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Cloud computing is the process of storing, managing, and using software, data, and technical infrastructure through a remote server or data center (sometimes across the country… or across the world) from the device accessing it. Using the cloud has become a commonplace part of our way of life in every aspect– in the education sector, in the business world, and even in our private lives. Many people do not even realize they are dependant on the cloud, while many of the online tools that they use on a regular basis are provided by a cloud service. Collaboration tools like Google Docs, online storage such as Dropbox, and online services like TurboTax are all forms of cloud computing that we use everyday.

Because there are so many providers of cloud services, and each has its own strengths and w

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Protect Your Business Against Cyber Breaches and Other Likely Threats

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Cyber threats are common — and if anything, they are only becoming more common, especially as mobile communication increases but some companies are still working on the security end of their applications. Here are five ways companies can fight back against cyber breaches.

Have Acceptable Use Policies

Employees are going to use their phones at work, whether or not it?s allowed; without an acceptable use policy in place, they are more likely to make mistakes when it comes to downloading apps they shouldn?t, clicking on email attachments, or sharing company information across devices in a way that isn?t secure. Actually monitoring this use — rather than pointlessly banning it — helps you stay in control.

Don?t Disregard Insider Threats

Disgruntled em

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How an SEO Service Can Strengthen Your Company’s Web Presence

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Can you imagine a world without search engines? If you’re over the age of 25, then you can probably remember how much more difficult it was to gather information in the days before Google. Social media draws our attention to a lot of otherwise unexplored parts of the Internet, but the number one driver of traffic to any site is the search engine. Today, 93% of online experiences start from a search engine. More than 100 billion searches are conducted each month, and the top listing receives 33% of the traffic. In other words, webpages listed at the top of a Google search are highly visible, and far more likely to be viewed than others. If you’re a business owner, that top spot is a coveted position. But how do you get there? In today’s highly technological world, an SEO service can be your best friend.

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