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Two Things You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

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If you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years or so, you might not have heard about the latest technological innovation that’s changed the world of data storage forever: cloud compting. This tech wonder has worked to change the face of IT as we know it. So what is cloud computing and how can your organization aptly reap its benefits? Read on to find out:

There are two versions of cloud computing
Depending on the IT needs of your organization, you can choose between two different kinds of cloud computing services. There is Software as a service cloud computing and infrastructure as a service cloud computing. With software as a service cloud computing, the cloud service provider will host your enterprise apps and data on its own servers and storage systems. Users are ab

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3 Tips for Offering More Conveniences to Your Consumers Without Raising the Budget

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You?re a small business, and you?re looking to grow. It can be tough to offer more to your customers — and build your base of loyal clients — without dramatically increasing your overhead, though. Often, a customer will ask you to add what to them seems like an obvious and simple service — but for you it would require the additional expense of a new employee, and it?s tough to judge whether a single convenience is worth adding, say, $20,000 to your annual budget.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can beef up your offerings without significantly beefing up your costs. Here are a few ideas you can keep in mind.

1. Online Ordering

People often want to support small businesses — it just becomes difficult when they aren?t a click away, the way Amazon and oth

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Save Money and Improve Your Bottom Line with a CCTV System

Cat5e cable bulk

If you handle information technology at a place with security cameras you probably have to deal with cables. Most security camera system run on the Siamese video cable, which has additional features to make it more secure. It has a shield for the coaxial cable. It has the added benefit of being able to carry a video signal over longer spaces without any loss of the integrity of the signal.

Cables, like everything else in the world, do not last forever. Your RJ45 cables will last for between one thousand and two thousand insertions before they fail. Frayed cell phone cables are not just a pain in the neck, they can be dangerous. When they fray they become a fire hazard. These caused fires in about 53,600 homes around the country in 2008. That caused more than 50 deaths, resulted in 1,400 injuries and left $1.

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