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Creating The Ideal Prototype Circuit Board

Circuit board prototyping

What makes PCB fabrication one of the best technical options around? The answer is simple. With technology advancing at a rapid rate and the following expectations shifting dramatically for businesses and customers alike, staying atop the best prototype circuit boards is the key to continued success. Multiple methods have cropped up with the new wave of demand and have established themselves as the ideal construction and assembly method for quality circuit boards around the country, ranging from smart printing settings to reliable materials. Let’s take a look at PCB fabrication, ho

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What’s So Great About the Internet? Why American Seniors are Finally Starting to Get Online

Ipad power lightning cables

Over the course of the last two decades, the internet has become such an important part of modern life that we wonder how we ever existed without it. Looking for a bite to eat? Just press a few buttons and get connected with your favorite restaurant’s menu. Wondering how many miles you get to a gallon? There’s an app for that. In fact, there are so many websites available for perusal — on such a dizzyingly vast array of topics — that many senior citizens hesitate to access the internet at all.

Only about 40 percent of American senior citizens report using the internet on a regular basis: despite extensive outreach programs by major software manufacturers, seniors may not feel comfortable interacting with unfamiliar technology. Fully 97 percent of Americans under 30 make use of the i

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Moither’s Day Gifts For Tech Loving Moms

Cell phone cable accessories

Got a mom who loves playing with zipcord fiber optic cables for fun? While it may sound far-fetched, believe us when we say that these women are out there, and they are strong and amazing mothers that will swoon at a tech savvy Mother’s Day gift. That’s right, May 8 is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten your techie mother a valentine’s day gift, you best get your zipcord fiber optic cables in order!
But if you think she wants something a little more exciting than bulk fiber optic cable bundles, why not consider these awesome tech-savvy gift ideas below:

Amazon Echo
If your mother is a hand-free kinda gal, then give her the

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USB-C Cables to Receive Software Fix to Prevent Damage to Devices

Usb 2.0 cables

Walk into any electronics store or department and you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the vast varitey of different cords and cables being offered. Highspeed HDMI cables, CAT5 cables, and fiber optic cables are just some of the many options, but one of the most popular and useful of them all are USB cables. Bulk USB cables can be used for connecting various electronic devices either for networking or power sources. The most recent development in USB cables is the USB-C series cable, which has caused quite a

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What a Cloud Broker Can Do for Your Company

Small business communications solutions

In order to understand what a cloud services broker does, you must be better acquainted with what cloud brokerage services are, in general. This can be a little complicated to explain but in a nutshell: cloud brokerage services is a business model wherein which the business to one or some of the cloud services, whether they are public or private. This is done on behalf of the consumers via aggregation, integration or customization broker. A cloud brokerage services is who provides its own technology that is used to implement and manage any kind of cloud brokerage services projects.

The Role of Cloud Services Brokers

  1. A cloud service broker
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