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Ad Agencies Must Evolve With Changing Consumer Trends

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As we continue to move in a forward direction with technology, the needs and habits of consumers are beginning to change as well. For this reason, ad agencies are changing their approach and looking for ways to work with companies to connect with the public.

Instead of the traditional ad agency infrastructure, advertising agencies in Atlanta are shifting to become “innovation studios” and “experience incubators.” Since consumer engagement is the main goal, Atlanta advertising agencies must collaborate with companies on things like product, customer service, and overall experience. Doing so will hel

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The Right SEO Strategy Will Set Your Company Apart

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SEO branding strategy is a strategy that all businesses need to take seriously these days. Search engine optimization is no longer a fad in the worldwide marketplace. If your company wants to do any kind of business on the web or be found at all, its SEO branding strategy should be a high priority.

Consumers connect with companies via social media these days now more than ever. In fact, roughly 70% of all social media users are connected to at least one business through their social media activities. This could mean a connection with a company’s Facebook page, a mailing list or simply following that company on Tw

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