Ad Agencies Must Evolve With Changing Consumer Trends


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As we continue to move in a forward direction with technology, the needs and habits of consumers are beginning to change as well. For this reason, ad agencies are changing their approach and looking for ways to work with companies to connect with the public.

Instead of the traditional ad agency infrastructure, advertising agencies in Atlanta are shifting to become “innovation studios” and “experience incubators.” Since consumer engagement is the main goal, Atlanta advertising agencies must collaborate with companies on things like product, customer service, and overall experience. Doing so will help to move from traditional advertising to more effective consumer engagement.

The biggest problem facing advertising firms today is that there is no longer a separation of marketing and advertising. The interest in applying marketing to everything from the product to customer service is quickly dying. As a result, the brand experience suffers and the message may not come out as effectively as intended.

To help with this, many Atlanta advertising agencies have changed their operational infrastructures and replaced unnecessary roles with ones that encourage an entrepreneurial, multi-disciplinary spirit. This is done in efforts to prove to clients that they can adapt to whatever speed their business demands.

Acting similar to most start-ups, many agencies are stripping down to the basics and approaching clients from a different perspective. Gone are the days of simply creating content to appeal to consumers. Now, companies have the challenge of providing a complete experience for customers as well as establish brand communication.

Unlike before, today’s consumers are smarter and more tactful in their purchasing. For this reason, efforts to show meaning behind a product’s design or a service have increased.

One way in which ad agencies and clients can work together to improve product and brand communication is to focus on the customer experience and get creative with how to increase engagement. This is where digital marketing comes into play.

Creative use of digital marketing is what has been separating the most successful of marketing agencies from the rest. Since consumers rely more on their mobile devices than ever before, companies must adapt their strategies to fit in. If more ad agencies and companies use their skills to work together, they have greater potential to be highly influential in shaping the way we both view and experience products.

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