Why Search Engine Optimization Matters


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The internet has changed the way we do things. When you decide to order a pizza for dinner, what do you do? You logon to the internet via your smartphone or tablet and you search for local pizza places. You probably even place your entire order online and maybe even pay for it, never even talking to a human. What do you do when you need to choose a new doctor? You probably do an internet search for local medical professionals and then look at reviews of current and past patients of theirs. When you search for these things locally, you are probably only looking at the first few search results, never even going past the first or second pages. If you are a business owner, and you want to gain customers in this way, then you need to ensure that your business appears in the first few search results. This is known as local search optimization.

Considering that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it is very important to not only have an internet presence, but to also appear in the first search results in the local search engine. Affordable SEO companies can provide a small business with services that will improve their ratings, and thus improve their local search engine optimization results. It can be difficult to appear in the first few results and it requires a lot of work. This is often work that small businesses are unable to keep up with. It requires multiple daily posts with useful content that includes specific keywords that your customers may be searching for. There are 27 million pieces of online content shared each day. This is what you are competing with, and it is why hiring a company to help with local search optimization and digital marketing is crucial.

An SEO company is experienced in choosing the best keywords that your customers are searching for. They know what type of content and how often to post that content to appear higher in the local search optimization. They are also familiar with the different search engines and what each one requires in order to appear higher in the search rankings. Google owns 65 to 70% of the search engine market, meaning that the majority of potential customers are using Google as their choice of search engine. It is very important to have high local search optimization on Google sites.

There are many benefits of SEO, besides for simply appearing higher in a customer?s search rating. When more customers find your webpage, you are getting more hits and more views. If you are selling a product, this means more people are finding your webpage with products and are not seeing your competitors as much. If you are a medical professional, your potential clients are searching your reviews and your services over other potential medical professionals. Restaurants have that added chance to entice customers to visit their restaurant over others in the area. Increased SEO ratings can increase customer numbers, which overall will increase profits and the overall success of the business.

The internet has really changed the way we do daily activities, including the way that we search for new businesses or medical professionals. We rely on internet searches and a small business needs to have the ability to appear high in a potential customers search results in order to gain their business. Search engine optimization companies can assist small businesses in posting the appropriate content with the required keywords to improve their Google and other search engine ratings. This is an important part of the digital marketing plan of a small business.

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