The Right SEO Strategy Will Set Your Company Apart


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SEO branding strategy is a strategy that all businesses need to take seriously these days. Search engine optimization is no longer a fad in the worldwide marketplace. If your company wants to do any kind of business on the web or be found at all, its SEO branding strategy should be a high priority.

Consumers connect with companies via social media these days now more than ever. In fact, roughly 70% of all social media users are connected to at least one business through their social media activities. This could mean a connection with a company’s Facebook page, a mailing list or simply following that company on Twitter. Social media is an active means by which businesses can instantly get news out to their customers about a sale or a promotion or just simple news.

This is true on a national and worldwide level, but it is true on a local level as well. Local SEO is just as powerful as larger SEO campaigns. When it comes to generating leads, 34% of marketers call SEO the best and most effective lead generation tactic they have seen. Calling it “very effective,” marketers who use SEO find that they can track their leads and specialize their marketing message to a fine point. This enables businesses to target the types of customers who will most likely buy their products or services.

Every day there are over 27 million pieces of online content shared around the world. If a company wants to be found, it must direct the surfers of this internet highway straight to its door. This idea is very similar to an interstate highway. Let’s say that your company has a taco stand 50 miles off of Interstate 40 in New Mexico. Any advertising you would do regarding signage would not make sense in front of the stand and nowhere else. To attract more customers than only the local few, placing signs right next to the highway telling people where to turn off and then where to go from there would bring many more visitors to your taco stand’s front door.

An SEO branding strategy
that brings people from all over the internet straight to your business’s online front door is a strategy that will not only bring you more customers but will get you more closed deals. The reason that more sales will come your way is not only that more customers will be coming through your doors, online or brick and mortar, but they will be targeted customers. In other words, when a customer finally gets to you, he will have been drawn there by an SEO strategy that got him interested in what you have in the first place. Once they find you, they are poised and ready to buy what you have to offer because it is something they need, want, or desire. In short, they want what you have.

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