4 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Marketing Company


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Sorting through the never-ending choices when it comes to SEO marketing companies can be overwhelming, but also necessary. Two of the most popular internet activities are online searches and emails, meaning you should hone in and be an active part of those activities. Utilizing search engines proves to be successful since over 90% of all online experiences begin with the help of a search engine, and about half of all of these searches are done on mobile devices. Use these tips to help you weed through the endless choices and narrow the down best SEO company for your needs.

Determine Your Goals

When searching out SEO marketing companies you want to first determine what you goals are, and what you want potential SEO marketing companies to accomplish for you. Beginning your search by looking for affordable SEO companies may leave you with a local SEO company who does not accomplish what you are looking for. By making a list of everything you want accomplished, you can evaluate the SEO company of your choice to ensure they are continuously providing services which you need.

Inquire About Previous Experience

Don’t just ask about past clients SEO marketing companies have worked with, but ask about the success those clients had. Everybody has different needs, and knowing that these needs were accomplished builds a trusting relationship. Just because a particular company has many clients, doesn’t mean their services should be judged by those clients. Recommendations can be made which clients do not implement, meaning the failure was not the result of the business, rather the client. Find out how many successful relationships SEO marketing companies have built over the years. Many failed clients, could mean things like communication issues.


Email has become the number one way of communicating in this technology driven world, but that does not mean it’s the best way to communicate. You should aim to at least talk on the phone with you choices of SEO marketing companies. Make sure you are communicating with the actual person who will be handling the execution process for you. While talking get a feel for the individual, and whether you believe the two of you can work together and feel comfortable with each other on a personal level. Ask questions and get to know the process they intend to use. Inquire about progress reports and tracking processes they intend to use, and how often you can expect updates. Use this time to get a general overall feeling of the person you will be working with directly.

Check Them Out

Once you have narrowed down your selection to one company, you want to make sure that you made the right choice. During this process, you should inquire with their past clients about the entire process. Ask them how long before they say results, and whether they were satisfied with the process. Find out whether communication between the two was open and whether they followed through on what was promised. Once you have a good feeling from previous clients, send over some initial problems to your desired company. Ask them how they would go about handling them, and what strategies they would implement in order to fix the issues. This will give you a major insight into what the working relationship will be throughout the course of partnership.

Finding the best SEO marketing company is like developing a long-term relationship. You want to ensure that the relationship can last, so take your time and choose wisely. Don’t fall for the hypes and gimmicks which promise false results. Do your diligent research and choose wisely so you can be confident in the choice you made.

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