How an SEO Service Can Strengthen Your Company’s Web Presence


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Can you imagine a world without search engines? If you’re over the age of 25, then you can probably remember how much more difficult it was to gather information in the days before Google. Social media draws our attention to a lot of otherwise unexplored parts of the Internet, but the number one driver of traffic to any site is the search engine. Today, 93% of online experiences start from a search engine. More than 100 billion searches are conducted each month, and the top listing receives 33% of the traffic. In other words, webpages listed at the top of a Google search are highly visible, and far more likely to be viewed than others. If you’re a business owner, that top spot is a coveted position. But how do you get there? In today’s highly technological world, an SEO service can be your best friend.

What is SEO?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method used to elevate a brand’s exposure online. An SEO service can help you create content that correlates with what users are searching for, leading them directly to the information that is relevant to them on your webpage. Studies show that 75% of search engine users never look past the first page of results. If your listing is on the second or third page, you won’t be reaching a significant portion of your audience.

What else can I do to attract web users to my site?
Once you’ve established a stronger web presence with the help of an SEO expert, you’ll have more people viewing your webpage. Almost half of users surveyed say they judge the credibility of a company based predominantly on the business’s web design. Your webpage must be professional, informative, and easy to use in order to reach your target audience. Everything from the layout, to the color scheme, to the font is crucial to the user’s experience, and ultimately to your success. A web design company can ensure that you are presenting a top quality website.

The best way to reach a broad audience online is to hire Internet Marketing Professionals like SEO experts and web designers. The Internet provides a wealth of information, but it can also act as a black hole for underdeveloped sites. Don’t get sucked into that black hole; establish yourself actively on the world wide web.

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