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Benefits of Using Modern Voice Technology to Support Both Analog and VoIP Systems

Modern voice technology to support both analog and

Are you looking for modern voice technology to support both analog and VoIP systems? Because of the low upfront cost of setting up a VoIP network, many startup companies opt to exclusively use VoIP technology instead of a traditional analog network. It’s true, VoIP phone networks cost about 90% less than their analog counterparts, but there are a lot of reliability and quality of service sacrifices that are made when you forego the analog system.

For this reason, many business owners are going with premise based VoIP systems. A premise-based VoIP solution is allows you to set your phone network up over IP, but gives you the flexibility to slowly grow your analog network as your

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5 Ways to Up Your Employee Retention

Human resources consulting firms

Finding the right employees can be extremely difficult. Everyone knows how to put on a good face for the interview and if their resume looks good to, why not hire them? And then they show you they really are once they start work and you realize this is definitely not someone that should be working for your company. This is where an outplacement consulting company would come in handy. While they are not a hiring service like executive staffing agencies, and outplacement service company can help you to restructure your policies and retain good employees. So, what does it take to up your retention? Well, according to an outplacement consulting company, it requires several things. Here are just a few tips for getting

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Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing

In a time when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg deals with the headlines and charges that his social media site may have influenced the 2016 Presidential race, it is difficult to ignore the significance of a top digital marketing agency. In fact, as Zuckerberg defends his platform, while at the same time finds a way to make decisions about checking the credibility of the Facebook posts that go viral even when they are untrue, the nation may again redefine the role of a digital marketing agency in today’s digital world.
And while we all know that the paid search engine results are often what drive the consumers, how will future contracts with a top digital marketing agency demand not only the quantity of posts needed, but al

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A Breakdown of IT Services for Small Businesses

It services

IT. In the computer world, this acronym means “Information Technology.” As a small business owner, you may be wondering how information technology affects you. Here is a small overview of IT so you can decide.

Information technology refers to a wide branch of computer and digital activities that affect your small business. Think about your website. Your website is built with many functions that are invisible to the end-user. The code may be HTML, CSS, or Javascript, which dictate the appearance of your website, such as how visually appealing it is, the organization, the font type.

Now, imagine if you website were to crash.

This can result in a massive loss of audience if the problem occurs for days or weeks. Maybe you try to fix it yourself. But if you find yourself stymied by the situation, a comp

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5 Responsibilities of an IT Services Manager

Corporate relocation charleston

If you’ve ever managed IT services then you’ll know things can get a little complicated in that arena. Not everyone knows as much as they should regarding computers and what you can do on them to benefit your company. If you have never managed IT services but think this is something that you might be interested in doing then there are a few things you should know.

  1. You need to understand that this is a very demanding and busy job. It can be stressful and time consuming.

  2. It requires a lot of technical knowledge. You can’t just show up and expect to be taught.

  3. It’s a highly competitive job because it usually is very well paid so you’ll need a degree.

If you are not a motivated and driven individual, getting into IT services is probably not a good idea.

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