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Manage Your Privacy and Protection Online With These 4 Tips

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In this technology-filled world, it is easy to be connected to everything. Our emails, social media, and even security information can be accessed with a simple click of a button. Even though this provides easy access for you and your employees, have you ever wondered if Google, the king of all search engines, knows too much about your business and its secure information?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to respect your privacy and to protect your information online. Here’s four easy ways to get started.

Update your software
It is all too easy to ignore those annoying, never ending pop-ups and dialogue boxes reminding you about software updates. But these updates are crucial because hackers hone in on known weaknesses in the code, and many updates contain specific security patches...

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Bed and Breakfast Needs Reservation Software

hotel management systemIf you own a bed and breakfast, chances are that you love making a personal connection with those who stay in your establishment. Bed and Breakfast-style inns can offer what many big hotel chains can’t: a sense of history and nostalgia with a special touch. In fact, 76% of people say that bed and breakfasts provide more value than hotels, since they offer free parking, WiFi, free breakfast, and other amenities. But while many who choose to stay at B and Bs love the old charm and character they find, guests still want access to modern features — especially when it comes to how they book their stay.

That’s why it’s important for B and Bs to have access to the same sort of hotel management systems that big chains use...

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Quick Tips to Increase and Maintain Your Customer Base

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If you own a small business you how important it is to your profits and more importantly yo your customers to be connected to the 24/7. There is a common misconception that when your business closes it?s doors for the day, the day?s business is over. The truth is that, many times your work has just begun. Think about thirty years ago it was quite normal for a business to be unavailable to customers after business hours. Unfortunately in our constantly connected technological world, unless your business is highly exclusive and prized, it is not going to cut it to have limited or no after hours customer service. Consider how many people find ti frustrating to deal with automated services, now imagine if the only form of contact that you offered after business hours was an answering machine.

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5 SEO Tips For Businesses On a Budget

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It’s important for businesses both big and small to have an effective search engine optimization strategy. But if you’re a small business owner on a tight budget, having great SEO may seem like a huge challenge. There are many SEO marketing companies that put their sole focus on these small businesses in order to level the playing field. But in case you’re feeling a bit hopeless about how you can compete with your search engine marketing strategy, here are five SEO tips for businesses on a budget:

  1. Use social media
    Social media marketing isn’t really optional these days. While social media may not be an effective SEO tool solely on its own, it can be a great asset to your overall marketing strategy. These
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