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The Rising Popularity Of Modular Data Centers

Data centers have been at the forefront of technological innovation for years. In fact, they so rapidly change and evolve to meet new storage and power standards that they are considered out of date if they’re more than seven years old. It seems that the next stage of evolution is containerized, or modular, data centers.

Data center containers are beginning to supplant virtual machines. With a market primed to hit $2.7 billion by 2020, developers are jumping at the opportunity to package up applications in modular form. An American critical infrastructure specialist company, Vertiv, has recently cornered the market by launching two product lines...

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3 Ways to Improve Employee Retention in the Hospitality Industry

	employee retention

Across a plethora of industries, there’s an emphasis on building customer loyalty — and it’s easy to understand why. Research conducted by Bain and Company and Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School found that boosting customer loyalty, along with a modest 5% increase in customers, can increase the average revenue per customer by 25% to 100%. Of course, a successful business knows that employee loyalty is equally important as your customer experience. Not only will unhappy employees negatively affect your customer experience, but your top talent will inevitably find employment elsewhere — and that can mean higher costs for you. This simple fact is especially pertinent to the hospitality industry, as this sector is particularly prone to turnover. In fact, the U.S...

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Must-Have Online Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

With today’s technology, homebuyers are expecting a seamless process of finding a home from start to finish. This is especially true seeing as how the National Association of Realtors shows that 56% of buyers 36 years old and younger successfully found their homes using the Internet. So with more people using online sources to look for potential homes, it’s more important than ever that real estate agents use online tools to generate and manage leads. With that in mind, here are three crucial tools that real estate agents should be using.

Tech-savvy open houses: One of the main factors in helping a potential buyer make a purchase decision is actually seeing the house...

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The Most Important Reasons to Have a Backup for Your Google Apps

Gmail recovery

Most of us will readily admit that Google offers some pretty amazing services when it comes to email, apps, and cloud storage. You can get a full 15 GB of storage on Google drives — for free — and up to 100 GB for just $1.99 per month. Most of the time, these drives are very safe and dependable. But what if something were to happen to them? Would your business be able to recover from lost emails, stolen data, or dropped drives?

It’s certainly not a situation anyone wants to have to think about, which is why it’s so important to get a Google backup plan in place for contacts, photos, files, apps, and Gmail recovery. You may not think you need a Google drive recovery when the system is so dependable, but it’s not always Google you have to worry about...

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Manage Your Privacy and Protection Online With These 4 Tips

Google drive

In this technology-filled world, it is easy to be connected to everything. Our emails, social media, and even security information can be accessed with a simple click of a button. Even though this provides easy access for you and your employees, have you ever wondered if Google, the king of all search engines, knows too much about your business and its secure information?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to respect your privacy and to protect your information online. Here’s four easy ways to get started.

Update your software
It is all too easy to ignore those annoying, never ending pop-ups and dialogue boxes reminding you about software updates. But these updates are crucial because hackers hone in on known weaknesses in the code, and many updates contain specific security patches...

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Bed and Breakfast Needs Reservation Software

hotel management systemIf you own a bed and breakfast, chances are that you love making a personal connection with those who stay in your establishment. Bed and Breakfast-style inns can offer what many big hotel chains can’t: a sense of history and nostalgia with a special touch. In fact, 76% of people say that bed and breakfasts provide more value than hotels, since they offer free parking, WiFi, free breakfast, and other amenities. But while many who choose to stay at B and Bs love the old charm and character they find, guests still want access to modern features — especially when it comes to how they book their stay.

That’s why it’s important for B and Bs to have access to the same sort of hotel management systems that big chains use...

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The Benefits Of Non Destructive Testing For Industry

ndt servicesAnxiety surrounding our military complex is high. 73% of people believe America is less secure due to budget cuts for our military, and 69% hold the same belief due to military officials claiming our military will not be able to fulfill its missions without raises in our spending caps. Needless to say, this has caused a great deal of anxiety among politicians, military personnel, and civilians alike. In times like these, we need industrial innovation to lead the way — cost-cutting measures that will expand what we are capable of with finite resources.

In the past, the inability to structurally assess an object without disassembling or destroying it was a major limiting factor in industrial production...

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Call Anyone, Anywhere, AnytimeMake Free Calls

Free call computer to mobile

The age of using cell phones for calling your friends is coming to an end. We use our phones to stream videos, check FB statuses, pay bills, and text. None of these things cut into the minutes you buy on your phone. Even the cheapest North America plans require you to get a minimum amount of minutes for talk time. But chances are that you don’t use your phone to talk to people as much as you used to.

Since the technology of how we talk to each other has changed rapidly in the last decade you might be wondering, “can I make free calls from my computer instead of using up the data or minutes on my phone?” The good news is, yes you can. The quality of free calls on computer programs has improved significantly so you won’t miss a beat. There are several programs that can be installed on your compute

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Inmate visitation system —- YouTube

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