Must-Have Online Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using


With today’s technology, homebuyers are expecting a seamless process of finding a home from start to finish. This is especially true seeing as how the National Association of Realtors shows that 56% of buyers 36 years old and younger successfully found their homes using the Internet. So with more people using online sources to look for potential homes, it’s more important than ever that real estate agents use online tools to generate and manage leads. With that in mind, here are three crucial tools that real estate agents should be using.

Tech-savvy open houses: One of the main factors in helping a potential buyer make a purchase decision is actually seeing the house. Open houses are a great chance for interested buyers to experience the property, learn more about the area, and decide if the home feels right for them. Fortunately, today’s technology makes showing houses even easier. More real estate agents are using drones and other videography tools to create virtual open houses for potential buyers to view online. This is a great way for agents to generate leads and promote interest in potential buyers before they even see the house in person.

Document organization: In the real estate world, organization is key. Whether it’s open house schedules, client information, or listing details, real estate agents have a lot of information they need to monitor and balance — this is where online organization tools come in. While it may seem like a good idea to walk around with papers in a handy folder, many agents underestimate the value of having all documents organized in an online system. And with the help of a smartphone or other device, agents can have easy access to any document at any time.

Real estate CMA software: When it comes to real estate software, comparative market analysis software is a must-have. Real estate CMA software can help real estate agents create personalized reports, search and share data, receive listing alerts, and generate leads. CMA reports and presentations can better help real estate agents organize their listings, clients, and overall be more productive. Real estate CMA software can help agents give their clients a better and more engaging online experience, which is what today’s home buyers desire from their agents.

It’s crucial for real estate agents to stay organized and productive and provide their clients with a seamless buying process. Using these online tools, agents will be able to improve their process for both themselves and their clients.

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