The Benefits Of Non Destructive Testing For Industry


ndt servicesAnxiety surrounding our military complex is high. 73% of people believe America is less secure due to budget cuts for our military, and 69% hold the same belief due to military officials claiming our military will not be able to fulfill its missions without raises in our spending caps. Needless to say, this has caused a great deal of anxiety among politicians, military personnel, and civilians alike. In times like these, we need industrial innovation to lead the way — cost-cutting measures that will expand what we are capable of with finite resources.

In the past, the inability to structurally assess an object without disassembling or destroying it was a major limiting factor in industrial production. Let’s say you are trying to perform reverse engineering on a unique piece of enemy weaponry that has been recovered from the battleground, so that your company can manufacture versions of this weaponry for American troops and better understand what the enemy is working with. But without a form of non destructive testing, how can you understand how the weapon in choice is constructed, much less what it’s constructed of and how it all works together?

Questions like these have baffled the industrial community for years, until a new form of non destructive testing (NDT) came along. Industrial CT scanning inspection came about as a result of applying pre-existing medical 3d scanning technology to the world of industrial manufacturing. For the first time, NDT inspection is possible on an industrial scale. This has enabled heretofore unprecedented improvement in many industrial operations, such as wall thickness analysis, porosity measurement, and many others. In particular, it has reduced product inspection and failure analysis costs by a significant margin.

NDT services are now available in almost every realm of industrial operations. The benefits of these NDT services are particularly relevant to the military, for the reasons we described previously and many others. By applying NDT services to the advanced industrial operations that are crucial to keep our military functioning at top capacity, we can overcome the financial obstacles that have threatened American military security.

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