The Top 4 Reasons Your Bed and Breakfast Needs Reservation Software


hotel management systemIf you own a bed and breakfast, chances are that you love making a personal connection with those who stay in your establishment. Bed and Breakfast-style inns can offer what many big hotel chains can’t: a sense of history and nostalgia with a special touch. In fact, 76% of people say that bed and breakfasts provide more value than hotels, since they offer free parking, WiFi, free breakfast, and other amenities. But while many who choose to stay at B and Bs love the old charm and character they find, guests still want access to modern features — especially when it comes to how they book their stay.

That’s why it’s important for B and Bs to have access to the same sort of hotel management systems that big chains use. Although customers may seek out antique decor, they want your bed and breakfast reservation software to be top-of-the-line. People are much more likely to book (and re-book) when the reservation process is fuss-free.

Here are the top four reasons why your bed and breakfast should be using hotel management system software for your booking needs:

  • Convenience
    Perhaps more than anything else, guests want convenience. People no longer have the patience to spend a lot of time booking their stay over the phone. Many times, guests won’t even want to call to make a reservation; they’ll want the ease of booking their stay online. The beauty of hospitality management software systems is that it’s always available. Customers can see availability and rates at any time, so they’re able to book whenever they want. And using hotel reservations software is actually much easier for employees and owners, too. Because bookings are available 24/7, you won’t miss out on business. You’ll also save a lot of time managing your reservations electronically, rather than in a written book or another disorganized system.
  • Error reduction
    When you’re handling reservations and billing by hand, human error is quite common. But when you use hotel management systems, B and Bs can drastically reduce these mistakes. It’s also easy to use for those who aren’t especially computer-savvy or who don’t have a hospitality background. Jay Shah, owner of the Wharf Inn, says that hotel management systems make it “easy to train non-hospitality people quickly … it bridges the training gap.” These systems allow employees to get on the same page and understand how to properly operate a hospitality establishment. For many B and Bs, this can be a struggle. But by using the best hotel management software available, you’ll be able to cut down on mistakes across the board while increasing overall knowledge.
  • Security
    In this day and age, even small businesses and hotels are being targeted for cyber attacks. You need to take steps to protect your business. The methods of writing invoices by hand and keeping credit card numbers on file are not only antiquated but are often dangerous for guests. On the flip side, most reservation software systems don’t store sensitive information and are able to process credit card information in a secure fashion. Customers want to be assured that their transactions are safe, and hotel management systems are a great way for your bed and breakfast to provide peace of mind.
  • Competition
    The truth is that many bed and breakfasts choose not to use online booking systems for the sake of tradition. But by choosing to adopt a more modern reservation system, your B and B will stand out for all the right reasons. Not only will you be the most attractive choice for bed and breakfasts in your area, but you’ll also be better equipped to compete against the more popular hotels. That’s important for any small business, but it’s especially so in the hospitality field. When someone seeks out your establishment, you’ll want to ensure you give no reason for them to look elsewhere for a room.

Although you may choose to have your decor hearken back to days gone by, your booking management system shouldn’t be stuck in antiquity. Contact us today to find out more about how your bed and breakfast can benefit from the best comprehensive hospitality software system.

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