5 Ways to Up Your Employee Retention


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Finding the right employees can be extremely difficult. Everyone knows how to put on a good face for the interview and if their resume looks good to, why not hire them? And then they show you they really are once they start work and you realize this is definitely not someone that should be working for your company. This is where an outplacement consulting company would come in handy. While they are not a hiring service like executive staffing agencies, and outplacement service company can help you to restructure your policies and retain good employees. So, what does it take to up your retention? Well, according to an outplacement consulting company, it requires several things. Here are just a few tips for getting and retaining acceptable staff.

Sufficient Communication
Communication is not so much about the words you say as much as the way you say it. You tone of your voice, body language, hand gestures and touch can say so much more that what your words do. This is why only have virtual meetings can lose of lot of the necessary factors of communication. Having sufficient face to face time is important not only for communication but to establish a decent level of trust. Even if you have employees that are in different areas and work from home, you should still have them come in to the office at least two or three times a year in order to have some real, personal face time.

Not Micromanaging
You might feel like you need to constantly be on people in order to make them work properly but if you have hired well, there’s no reason why you should be hovering over people’s shoulders to make sure they are getting the job done. In order to promote responsible, motivated employees, try giving them more authority and responsibility as well as all the tools that they need in order to the their jobs. By giving them the space that they need, you are empowering them to execute their duties properly. Of course, don’t be aloof; be approachable and available but let them come to you.

Have Incentives
An outplacement consulting company will that you if you can get together a good bonus structure or system, sometimes this is all the incentive that people need to work well. Money talks, that’s just the way it is. As much as you would love to have employees that work purely for the joy and satisfaction of a job well done- no one wants to work for free. The more money that is on the line, the better they’ll do. You should also have clear performance metrics and guides available so your employees can see where their weaker areas are compared to their strengths.

Use Performance Reviews
Performance reviews aren’t just for your employees. You can also use them to see what your employee’s strengths, weaknesses and even goals and various dreams are. The performance reviews should be a face to face meeting with time set aside to talk to the employees to find out what they want so that you can open up those opportunities. You may not think it necessary, but it’s important to get the input of your staff members. This helps you to know what they want as well as shows them that you are trying to help them grow and mature and move up within your company.

Hire Within
When a new position opens up, especially in the higher up ranks, take a look at the employees in your own company first because considering outside applicants. Give current employees the opportunity to apply for the opening. If you really can’t find anyone qualified enough, the problem may not be your employees. It may be that you aren’t opening enough opportunity for them to grow and expand their resume. Consider this as you opening up positions for your employees to apply to. If you are the problem, you can’t punish them for not being ready.

Using an outplacement consulting company can help you to better your position in all of these areas and use them for your benefit. It’s better to spend your money on something like this than hiring and firing and rehiring every few months when people don’t meet your expectations.

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