3 Design Mistakes That Could Kill Your Website


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Your website is the face of your business. For many potential customers, it is their first impression of your brand. As such, it must not only represent your company accurately, but it also needs to be professional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. Here is a list of common mistakes web designers make.

  1. Illegible Content

    If your complex design makes it difficult to read the text on the page, you?re doing something wrong. A gorgeous design may attract visitors to your website, but good content is what makes them stay.

    There are a number of reasons your text is hard to read. It could be poor color contrast between the background and the text. It could be that your font is too small, too elaborate, or too confusing. It could also be that you are cramming too many words and/or images on one page. Remember, as the best online marketing experts say, ?Content is king.? Don?t hide your text.
  2. Inconsistent Style

    There are a lot of cool modern web design ideas floating around right now, but the reality is that you can?t use them all. Before creating your website, you need to establish a clear style, theme, and message for your brand. Be creative, think outside of the box, but don?t try to throw too many different personalities onto one site. Not only will it look messy, but your audience won?t walk away with a clear understanding of what your company is all about.
  3. Confusing Navigation

    Sloppy navigation is the fastest way to send your visitors running back to Google to find another, easier-to-maneuver website. Intuitive navigation flow is key. Your buttons, links, and titles need to make sense. Your menu must be visible and straight forward. Before starting the development of your website, devote some time to careful planning.

Designing a website is a lot more complicated than you might think. You have to understand the fundamentals of graphic design, marketing, and the behaviors of internet users today. When it comes to web design, the smartest thing you can do as a business owner is to hire a professional web design company.

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