The Future of Online Marketing May Depend Upon Custom Web Design Services, Experts Say


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In the time it takes to watch a television commercial, American consumers will have spent more than $1 million. Small business owners are searching for creative ways to attract new customers, but may find that their websites are out-of-date or ineffective. The cost of waiting is serious: every hour, consumers spend more than $50 million via their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. What can small business owners do to make sure that their web design ideas translate into effective and responsive web design?

The field of search engine optimization — or SEO — takes small business owners’ concerns very seriously. Recent studies show that almost half of all consumers report that they have had trouble accessing web pages via their telephones. What small business web design has to take into account is the fact that if they do not optimize their websites for mobile sales, they could be losing hundreds of potential sales every day. Why not try to attract more international consumers? It would only be a problem if you lose sight of your loyal locals.

About four out of every 10 shoppers will “abandon” a purchase if the website takes more than two or three seconds to load. SEO companies can help business owners with mobile web design and can also make sure that mobile consumers have a positive buying experience. Is your company testing its websites and mobile sites? Long-term beta testing can ensure that customers are being supported at every stage of what experts call the “sales funnel.” Helping customers navigate complex websites is an important factor in SEO strategies for ecommerce sites.

Custom web design is an essential part of customer outreach; refining the UX, or user experience, is key to small business web design and development. While small business owners may find that they are able to reach more customers via the internet, they may also find that their customer retention metrics leave something to be desired. More than three-quarters of mobile phone users report using them to shop, but they are as likely to purchase from companies in other countries as they are to buy local products and services. Ecommerce remains a buyer’s market in that there are hundreds — perhaps thousands — of companies offering next-day delivery and quality product.

How can my small business stand out amidst fierce competition? Any long-term marketing plan that can incorporate custom web design has a better chance of success, experts say. Younger consumers, often referred to as “Millennials,” have high rates of brand loyalty. Studies do show, however, that younger buyers are more likely to respond to brands that maintain a strong social media presence. Custom web design can often incorporate SEO strategies for small business owners who are looking to establish a presence on social media.

Younger shoppers also consistently report that they are more willing to buy from brands that reflect their lifestyles and values. Custom web design strategies might, for example, draw upon metrics from past purchases to make recommendations. One major brand actually changes its banner based upon consumers’ prior shopping habits. Another captures customers’ attention with coupons: in the event of an abandoned purchase, the consumer will be sent an email the next day with a link to a discount. As long as customers do not report feeling overwhelmed by the frequency of contact, a custom aftermarket email system could boost sales considerably.

Future generations will marvel that there was ever a time that shopping did not take place online, and as small business owners adapt to this new era of ecommerce, they must take care that they continue to cultivate local customers via social media and onsite sales while they strive to incorporate custom web design and new web design services. Custom web design will help businesses attract new customers, but the development of brand loyalty may take some extensive testing with the help of experienced industry experts.

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