7 Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Make Your Site Stand Out from the Rest


Seo strategy

To offer the best SEO services, you must have the best SEO strategies. You’ll never be able to keep up with the ever changing world of technology if you don’t have methods to keep you ahead of the game. Here are a few SEO strategies for making sure that your customers are getting the best service they can receive and that is it coming from you and not a competitor.

  1. Good Content Writing
    Make sure that every single word that you write is relevant, useful and most of all search engine optimized. There is no point in being offering ‘sky is the limit’ services if when it really comes now to the nitty gritty of the website, the content of writing is only half standard. You should also make sure that you are constantly updating the content of the site. If a visitor goes to your site and then comes back another time and the content is the same, chances are they won’t come back again. But if there is a constant flow of fresh data, they will return regularly, offering more leads to your site, which of course, results in more traffic.

  2. Keyword Research
    The best SEO strategies involve key phrases that are specific and relevant. Research keywords before implementing them to make sure that they are not being over used in another context. Another tip is to use phrases instead of words. This will make your keyword more specific so that when someone is searching, the content that they find in your site is exactly what they are looking for and they will not leave the website, as many visitors do. Tools such as Google Analytics and others are great programs to find out which keywords have the best results when it comes to conversion goals.

  3. Use Keywords Properly
    After you have researched and compiled your list of keywords, the next step is to properly and wisely use them through the site. Important places to use key phrases are:
    1. in the title
    2. in the headings
    3. in links within the text
    4. in the website’s URL
    5. within the content
  4. Get Sites to Provide Links to Your Site
    Often times, reputable sites that have higher rankings than yours will offer mutual links between sites. Some site directories will allow you to link your site for free but others will charge a fee, whether it be a one time fee or a monthly charge. These charges are worth the traffic that the links will bring you.

  5. SEO friendliness
    While it really should go without saying when we are talking SEO strategies, it has to be pointed out; you site needs to be structured in such a way that every part of your pages can be easily found in search engine optimization. Having a bar of links to every page at the top of your website is a great way to make your website easy to navigate which in turn makes it more simple for search engines and visitors to find your website.

  6. Analyze Your Site
    Make sure that you are keeping track of your site’s performance as far as SEO goes. This will help you to see if the methods you are using are working or not. Is there an increase in click through and general traffic? If not, you may be doing something wrong. You don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work.
  7. Beware of Duplicates
    Search engines will catch pages that have duplicate content on then. Even if it is not exactly the same but the basic same ideas, it may not allow them through. Here are some examples of things you may not have known were duplicates:
    1. Articles from other sites
    2. Print friendly versions of the same page
    3. Multiple domains
    4. Multiple URLs for the same page

Web design is extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization and should be taken seriously. Follow these tips and they should give you a much better chance at generating higher traffic and leads.

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