Air Compressor Parts


In this video, you will learn about air compressor parts. An air compressor is complex and has a lot of parts that make it complex. Understanding it better may help you troubleshoot what you are in need of.

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The whole pump is used to compress air through a single tube. Some pumps are double, and pump air in and also out. They contain pistons, and this pump to get higher pressure. These can pump up to 95 and 125psi, depending on the manufacturer. There are different components that help the pumps work. The most important feature of a compressor is the check valve. It is located directly in the tank. These hold the air in the tank once the compressor is in the tank. If that valve is bad, you are going to continually get air back to the pump. Many people will have a leaking pressure switch. It might be leaking while the valve is off, which is a problem. If the valve stops leaking when it shuts off, it is probably okay. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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