Assembling a Sensing Edge Kit


Sensing edges are contact devices that are beneficial in several applications.

A sensing edge is a sensitive switch that communicates or provides the signal to start, stop, or reverse a motor. Sensing edges applies to anything that requires a simple touch to send a signal.

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It includes a motorized door or gate, automatic guided vehicle, or a pinpoint in machine applications.

Here are some ideas on how technicians and professionals assemble edge caps for sensitive edges.

Ensure that you have all the parts.
It includes an end caps, a spacer with a contact plug cord, a spacer without a contact plug chord, clips, an edge, and a channel rail.

Remove the contact plugs from the spacer.
Each end cap has cutouts that you can remove for drainage. Determine if you will cut the edge vertically or horizontally. One of the contact plugs has a wire that must be routed out of the end cap. Insert a spacer at each end of the edge.

Install the plugs into the bigger hole
There are specific pins in each plug. Carefully align the plugs and insert them into the large hole. Repeat the process for all contact plugs. For the contact plug with a cord, route the cord through the hole in the end cap and secure it. Insert the clip and secure the end cap.

Face the channel rails and slide together.
After this step, you are now ready for installation.

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