How to Keep Your Remote Workers Healthy


From a business perspective, keeping employees healthy means those employees should return the favor with excellent work. Remote employees are overlooked, whether because they’re not physically working in the company or because they’re valued less than traditional employees. Fortunately, you can prioritize the health of your remote employees. Starting today, focus on both the environment and the materials you can introduce into your business. Keep reading for all the information you need to keep your remote workers healthy all year long.

Purchase Proper Chairs and Desks

Your remote employees can’t function efficiently if their bodies are aching throughout the day. Ergonomic chairs and desks ease the strain that comes from positioning the wrists, spine, knees, and other parts of the body in a certain way for a prolonged period. Since your remote employees are mostly working with computers, their backs can ache from being hunched over. When your employees sit awkwardly, their muscles can’t move as efficiently, lowering productivity while increasing the discomfort these employees feel. To reduce this pain, implement a policy to provide all employees with an ergonomic chair and desk. Everyone will thank you later. After all, your remote employees will realize they can work without agony.

The furniture store your employees choose will decide whether the chairs and desks can improve work performance beyond average. Some businesses may carry products you can’t find elsewhere. Or, they’ll offer extra perks, such as discounted installation or maintenance services up to a certain date. When your remote workers are out looking for a furniture store, you should also understand learning how to keep your remote workers healthy shouldn’t feel like a burden. Instead, provide your staff with a list of the best equipment and offer a way to reimburse them for their purchases. You’ll be taking a big step forward in helping keep your employees safe. They’ll be sure to show you their appreciation by consistently producing quality work.

Encourage Employees to Redesign Their Space

While productivity is key to success, none of the work you do will matter much if you’re employees aren’t as happy as they could be. One way to improve your employees’ mental health is to encourage them to design their own office spaces. Taking steps like placing framed pictures, adding antique furniture, or changing the color in a room can go a long way toward keeping employees healthy as they work. You can also consider asking your employees to consider adding roller shades in their windows. These shades can help block out glare while keeping the room looking as bright as necessary. Redesigning the space doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. Most of your remote employees can make minor changes to the appearance of their office. Switch furniture around, add a different piece of decor, take out some clutter, or add some personality. All of these solutions are easy ways for employees to take care of their mental health. The reality is, when you feel good about the space you’re living in, you also can’t help but feel better about yourself overall. After all, everyone likes to feel special in their own home.

Encourage Cleanliness of Their Space

The amount of work your employees do won’t matter if their office spaces at home aren’t clean. It may seem foolish for management or other supervisors to demand employees keep their rooms clean. But often, the signs of messiness at home will manifest themselves in the workforce. Even for remote employees, you should say something during a Zoom meeting if you notice your employee’s office spaces are unclean. You could be a business owner or head of content management. Dirty, messy, unorganized office spaces fill team members’ screens with sights that cause everyone to feel dejected and in low spirits. Morale can be reduced over time simply because no one is around to demand cleanliness. Yes, lack of cleanliness hurts the workforce, but without using janitor services, the health of the remote employees still has to be taken into consideration. Everything from the common cold to viruses and bacteria can live on the surfaces of people’s desks, computers, tablets, and bookshelves. So, make a point of encouraging your employees to clean. Because the way their offices look has an impact on everyone else.

Looking After Equipment Needs

The equipment in your company’s building will have a lot to do with how successful you can be as a company. Keeping your remote employees healthy means making sure computers and technology are updated regularly. Without the proper cybersecurity, you could be hacked, and the personal data of your remote employees might be at risk. The devastation behind having your identity compromised, maybe seeing your bank account drained, can irritate even the most loyal employee who might have faith that they might one day get the situation under control. The reality is, not keeping your technology safe and secure will put your remote employees in greater danger than they can ever imagine. Keeping data and resources safe might even mean installing a security system. Whether that means installing digital locks, CCTV cameras, or paying for security guards, the amount of effort you put into keeping your employees safe will only make them feel rewarded.

That said, there are other parts of your building that need regular maintenance as well. Regular air conditioner maintenance, like cleaning the filters or eliminating condensation, would make the difference between a hot and humid room and one that’s cool and comfortable. Your remote employees will, fortunately, have to worry about much of the industrial equipment in their homes. Want to know how to keep your remote workers healthy? Make sure they have some degree of comfort as the seasons change. Expect increased productivity and improved morale. Use your budget to invest in the safety and comfort of your employees. Knowing how to keep your remote workers healthy even means making sure the building is heated. After all, who wants to work in a building that’s so cold?

Provide Necessary Supplies in an Improved Environment

There are plenty of ways to learn how to keep your remote workers healthy. But if they don’t have the right computer software, the right office supplies, or even the right tools to repair hardwood flooring, there are plenty of ways you can expect to see your employees’ work performance suffer. Making sure your employees have the right accessories doesn’t just mean focusing on the quick items they need to make it through the workday. Even thinking about something as small as plastic mats can go a long way toward protecting the flooring in a room. Remember, you’re learning how to keep your remote workers healthy. Shouldn’t the supplies issued to an office make the environment in that office look as appealing as possible? All the office supplies in the world won’t matter if you don’t have an improved environment to offer your employees.

Encourage Regular Eye Exams

The unfortunate reality is that while working in an office, your eyesight will decline. The same will hold true for both your in-house workers and your remote team. Staring at computer screens, working in dim or excessively bright light? These are just a couple of ways your remote employees will suffer a decline in their eyesight. In most cases, the decline you can expect is related to eye fatigue only. Still, eye fatigue means employees feel their eyes are tired and they’re unable to move them fast enough, making a day in the office feel impossible. Because eye health is so important, you have to start thinking of the best way to combat eye fatigue. The good news? All you have to do is encourage your employees to get exams every six months. They don’t need bionocular vision disorders to slow them down. Then, make sure they’re getting enough break time during work, enough time to sleep at home, and the right kinds of foods in their diet that are intended to promote long-term eye health. Thinking about your employee’s eyes is important. It’s a great way to make sure they can focus with as much efficiency as they should.

Of course, some of your employees will already have problems with their eyesight even before they come to work for your company. That might include both your office employees and your team of freelancers. The latter is worth mentioning as freelancers won’t enjoy the same benefits as your other employees do. For that reason, employees with existing eye health disorders should be sure to tell their employers early on. If you notice one of your employees has an eye health issue, be sure to ask if there’s anything you can do to make their vision problems less of a problem. While you’d like to think most people simply need eyeglasses, the reality is, some eye health disorders, like binocular vision disorders, can require close monitoring. You don’t need to know anything about personal injury law to know that an employee who gets hurt while working has a right to consult with an attorney. Remember, some eye disorders can be a sign of a much more serious disease. You need to know how to keep your remote workers healthy. Keeping their eyesight healthy should be at the top of your list.

Encourage Your Employees to Manage Their Stress

Think of a typical day in your company. The workload might be heavy, the stress might be high, the demands might be higher than ever, and the intensity could be serious enough to make people overly edgy. Even on good days, the stress in your company’s environment can make working efficiently a real challenge. That same challenge applies to remote workers as they have stress of their own to deal with. Simply put, stress is everywhere, but chronic stress is when things really become a problem. When your employees constantly feel burned out, there’s a good chance they’re going to feel terrible. They’ll beat themselves up and blame others for their mistakes and generally have a bad attitude while working. That kind of attitude is borne from the stress that exists in the environment. As a business owner or supervisor, you need a way to channel that stress. Keeping your employees engaged with the right activities is a great way to make sure they’re super-focused and don’t have time to feel too stressed. While you don’t want to burn them out, you’d be better off making sure your employees are focused on doing quality work. Quality work rather than them being overly focused on the sources of their stress. Even then, the best ways to know how to keep your remote workers healthy would have to include stress management. As stress has the power to drive a company apart.

As a business owner, you need to know all the ways to keep your employees safe. From buying flowers to improve the building’s appearance to working with a network administration service. Everything from data recovery to purchasing the right accessories will influence the way your employees function at work. Your focus as a business owner should always be on making sure your employees also have access to the best health care services. It’s not enough for them to simply take care of their eye health. They also need to get mental health services when necessary, even if they’ve taken time to redesign their offices to reduce stress in the first place. The future of your company depends on your employees. Why not make sure to take care of their health?

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