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How Executive Search Firms Can Help Companies Retain New Talent

For the majority of business managers, and especially human resources and talent acquisition executives, retaining talent can be as challenging as finding the right person for the job. From start up hr to established Fortune 5000 companies, executive searches can be challenging. This is one area where outsourcing talent acquisition can help. With their experience and networks, executive search firms can help your company to find and retain the talented career executives necessary to growth and improvement.

The job-hopping generation
Millennials have been called the job-hopping generation, and the numbers certainly support this claim. Millennials are more open to changing jobs than any other generation, and a 2016 Gallup Poll showed that as many as 60% of the people in this demographic are willing to move to a new job.

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Using an Executive Search Firm and HR Consultants

A business will have a number of resources to consider, and aside from the cash flow, the building, the products they sell or other capital, arguably the most important resource of all is the people themselves. Motivated, hard-working employees who are well-qualified for their jobs can get a lot of work done and keep the company moving forward, but unmotivated or unappreciated employees are more likely to simply pack up and leave, and this contributes to employee retention problem that managers want to avoid. Employee retention issues can be expensive to deal with, so a career placement agency can make sure that the best workers for the job are found. Where upper management is concerned, an executive search firm can help a client company fill a higher-up position, and an executive search, if done correctly, will find someone who is well-versed in the business and has the ri

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