Different Types of Surveillance Cameras for Your Home Security


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Thinking of safeguarding your property and loved ones? Well, think again. While there are several security system cameras available, it’s important you find the right one that meets the specific security needs of your home. What is it that you need to watch? What type of surveillance systems is right for your house? How many cameras are enough? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before investing in a home security system. If you are looking to monitor one single room, then you’ll probably need one camera. But if you are aiming to keep an eye in every space within the house, then a complex camera system is what you need to keep you and your family safe. To understand the elements of security in your house, a security system installation expert will guide you.

85% of police surveyed affirmed that residential surveillance systems help prevent burglary attempts. This statistic shows how important a security system is to you and your property. Unlike in previous decades where cameras were the standard security measure, nowadays surveillance systems are more advanced and they come with interesting features that offer tangible protection. On the other hand, video and wireless technology have made surveillance much more efficient.

You can either choose a wired or wireless security cameras, but that will depend on the location you want to set it up and their visibility. One disadvantage of using wired cameras is that they difficult to install bearing in mind you have to hide all the stray wires to keep the system as discreet as possible. However, they offer clear and sharp camera resolution than wireless cameras since their transmission is unlikely to be disturbed. Besides, if you have any problem installing yours, there are various reliable companies that offer security system installation services.

Below are few examples of surveillance cameras for your home security.

Indoor cameras
While most cameras can be used to monitor the inside of your house, there are those specifically designed to be used inside rooms, corridors, entrance and exists. One example is the “dome cameras”. This one has the ability to monitor a room with a 360-degree coverage. There are other wireless cameras that are either powered by a set of batteries or electricity. In addition, wireless cameras are highly unnoticeable and that’s why most homeowners prefer using them. You need to find a good security system installation expert that can help you decide on the best spots to set up the camera.

Outdoor camera
For lasting outdoor surveillance, outdoor cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while they capture wider exterior angles. With a wide range of choices to choose from, you’ll be to secure your yard and deter any burglary attempt. The number of cameras you’ll need for your outdoor need will often depend on the yard size or the vulnerable spots you’ve identified.

Sensor camera
Whether you want an indoor or outdoor camera, choosing a motion detector camera can help you track every single movement within your house. This type of camera start to function when it senses suspicious activity and depending on the system settings, it can either relay live feeds or record the movement that you can preview later.

Moveable cameras
For maximum coverage, you can have adjustable security cameras that are motor-driven to offer wider indoor or exterior view. These type of cameras are programmable hence they can execute different commands such as tilt and zoom to offer even more security options.

Security cameras account a fraction of the overall home security systems. There are other devices that can be integrated with these surveillance cameras to develop a sound security system. Such devices can include, video splitters, camera duplicator and DVRs. Why not consult a security system installation company and get to hear what they have to say about home security.

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