Enhance Your Business’ Presence with an Effective SEO Marketing Campaign


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Were you aware that it only takes 50 milliseconds or less for a person to form an opinion of your website? In fact, 48% of the participants in a recent poll stated that a website’s design is the primary determining factor for whether or not a business is credible. While it’s true that positive reviews do make a difference, you still want the best possible web design.

Since you want to attract and maintain a strong customer base, your website design needs to reflect that intention. To accomplish this, it’s necessary to consider the types of actions you want your visitors to take. Furthermore, it’s also essential to anticipate what features your visitors will expect.

Since approximately half of all mobile phone owners will use their smartphone as a primary means to access the Internet, you want to ensure that your web design works across a variety of platforms. This includes tablets and other devices that are capable of accessing the Internet.

Does your site have unique content? This is exactly what most consumers expect to see at a quality website. In addition to providing relevant articles, industry news, and product and/or service descriptions, you will also want to include other traffic-enhancing features such as a newsletter or interactive feature.

One of the major benefits of having an effective content marketing strategy is that it can bring your business increased revenue. Current research shows that this can potentially amount to a revenue increase of 40%. This alone should demonstrate the power of a strategic content marketing campaign.

When you utilize the services of a search engine optimization agency, they will be able to provide an effective marketing strategy to attract potential customers to your site. You’re probably aware that being on that first page of organic search results is where you want to be. According to Business2Community, 60% of organic clicks arrive in the top 3 results. Since many users don’t like to scroll past the top 5 results, being in the third position is what you want.

According to a 2015 issue of Search Engine Journal, when looking for a quality local business, 88% of consumers will read online reviews. When these reviews are also positive, 72% of the individuals that participated in the poll indicated they would be much more likely to trust that particular local business.

Were you aware that a local SEO campaign is also important? The Search Engine Journal reported that since 2011, “near me” search interest has increased 34 times with Google. Furthermore, it has almost doubled within the past year.

When you hire a professional web design company, they will be able to provide you with strategic content marketing and social media marketing. Furthermore, since they will continue to monitor your site and make adjustments when necessary, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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