Great Audio Video Quality Is The New Standard Keeping Up By Swapping Out Your HDMI Equipment


We live in some pretty impressive technological times.

With the press of a button we can call someone anywhere in the world without so much as a crackle of static. We can access a thousand channels or a million movies in the comfort of our own homes. High-quality audio and video is, naturally, just one more expectation added to the pile. Anything less and you have a problem on your hands! For those that need to improve their electronic and computer accessories, the list below can give you a helping hand.

Doing a presentation for class? Worried about your church’s equipment? You don’t have to fret a moment longer.

Fast Facts About American Internet Usage

It’s easy to take for granted these incredible feats in human ingenuity. According to the Pew Research Center, nine out of 10 American adults actively use the Internet. For work, for casual browsing, for nearby services…it’s all a constant array of feedback at your fingertips. There are some misconceptions about Internet usage, however. It’s widely thought many institutions — including churches — don’t use digital means very often.

Popular Audio Visual Needs Of The Modern Church

Out with the old, in with the new. While churches today can have buildings ranging from a few decades old to a few hundred years old, they’re far from behind on the technology front. A recent study on the matter discovered at least 75% of churches use Twitter, while a good 95% of churches maintain an active Facebook account. The Clergy Journal took this a step further, revealing one-third of churches today will use video clips during the worship service. This includes Powerpoint, a useful tool that’s very easy to learn.

Defining HDMI And How It Pertains To Quality

When you search for better electronic equipment and accessories it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are seemingly endless acronyms being flung your way, right on top of additional parts like recessed cable wall plates and low voltage brackets. An important detail to know is that HDMI is responsible for adjusting your audio video quality — it can pass video resolutions from 480i up to 4K. Each manufacturer, however, will determine the parameters for what’s to be transferred in each component. This means no mixing and matching brands!

Choosing The Best Cables For Internet

To enjoy uninterrupted audio and video quality, you need the best cables. You’ll be looking for CAT cables alongside your HDMI cables. The maximum recommended length for most of the CAT5 and CAT6 Ethernet cables on the market is 100 meters, which translates to 325 feet. These give you the flexibility needed to create set-ups just about anywhere, even if you work at a particularly large church. Before you purchase your electronic and computer accessories, take a minute to measure out your space with a ruler and jot down the results.

Setting Up Better Audio Video Quality For Your Church

You know you want a better presentation for your visitors. The electronic and computer accessories you have aren’t holding up to today’s standards. An HDMI cable wall plate will provide you a simple point of access for all your electronic and computer accessories. It’s recommended you start out with CAT5 cables — a basic start — before moving onto the more advanced CAT5e and CAT6. While the current high definition standard for consumer equipment is 1080p, the HDMI 1.4 can go well beyond that.

There’s no need to slog through outdated technology. Wall plates for home theaters are just what you need to transform your church into something better.

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