When You Hire a Digital Marketing Company


Businesses, companies, and brand names always need strong marketing and advertising platforms, and today, these ads and messages are conveyed both by traditional means (signs and paper) and digital means, such as e-mail, websites, and even social media. Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for posting vacation photos; they can be a powerful tool to draw in more organic traffic and interact smoothly and easily with customers and clients. Web design firms, a digital marketing agency, or some other marketing company might be hired for this work, since a client company might not have the in-house talent for search engine marketing or digital analytics. Rather, an outsourced marketing company can be hired for this work, and experts at that marketing company may know just the right way to boost online traffic for their client. How might a marketing company get the job done?

Search Engine Optimization

When a business hires a digital marketing firm to bolster their online presence, what might that firm do? One arena in digital marketing is search engine optimization, or SEO. After all, the Internet is a famously vast and varied place, and it may be a real challenge for an Internet user to find websites of interest all on their own. Instead, search engines have been in use since the 1990s to quickly narrow down the field to a handful or relevant and fresh websites for an Internet user to visit. Most Internet users have made use of them, and some search engines are in fact household names. The user will enter keywords or names relevant to their interest, and the engine will produce a list of websites to visit.

The order of those websites is not random. The search engine seeks out websites whose content is dense in relevant keywords and puts them nearer the top of that results list, and keywords are just the start. A website may be considered trustworthy and relevant if many other reputable websites have hyperlinks leading to this website in question. What is more, websites that regularly update themselves to stay current and active will be strong candidates to appear near the top of that results page. Workers at an SEO firm, a sort of marketing company, will be asked to write keyword-dense articles on given topics, and those articles may appear on on-site or off-site content. These keyword-dense articles, along with hyperlinks, allow a website to more easily appear when a search engine is used. All this can boost a website’s organic traffic.

Website Design

SEO work will help a company’s website appear more easily and get more guests, but the website itself must offer quality content as well. This job falls to website designers, who will work hard to create websites that are on-topic, visually attractive and distinctive, and easy and intuitive to navigate. No guest wants to get lost on that website or struggle to find a certain article or video on that site. Web designers will also ensure that the website has good technical design; that is, videos, images, and articles must load quickly and easily when someone visits that site. Studies show that website guests are impatient, and they will grow frustrated and leave a website if content is too slow to load. Often, it may take only seven to 10 seconds of delay for a guest to get a bad impression and simply leave. Good websites will also have an online catalog if they’re selling something, and that catalog may have its own mini search engine for onsite searching.

Social Media Platforms

Many social media accounts are personal ones, but companies can create them too as a sort of alternative website that updates itself easily. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are useful for this, allowing the company to quickly and easily share new videos, images, or text at any time of day with little effort. The company may attract many followers and subscribers in this manner, and better yet, the company’s account may post polls or invite followers to comment. Many surveyed social media users say that they’re impressed and happy when a company’s social media page quickly responds to their questions or comments. A new location, temporary sales and deals, and new products may be advertised as well.

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