Hotel Management Software Can Help Properties Operate More Efficiently


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Maintaining a hotel property involves a variety of tasks. From making sure that all departments are fully staffed to managing guest requests and concerns. Fortunately, there are a number of hotel management system software solutions that can help keep track of these tasks. In fact, the list of hotel property management systems that are available enable continues to grow. And while some large hotel chains may build and maintain their own systems, there is a significant market

From bed and breakfast reservation software for smaller establishments to hotel property management software for large chains, having the right computerized platform can make all of the difference. Taking the time to examine and look through a list of hotel property management systems can help owners make sure they are selecting a platform that will be the best fit.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the software platforms that hotels use to manage their employees, their cleaning schedules, and the guest requests and concerns:

  • 75% of travelers are planning one or more weekend getaways this winter and many of these require advanced reservations.
  • The latest research indicates that Travelers conduct approximately 17 research sessions before booking a single reservation.
  • Making sure that a customer has a great experience is important because 96% of customers forced to expend “high” effort with a company over a problem are likely to be disloyal, according to CEB research.
  • 26% of Boomers indicated that they were planning to take domestic multi-generational trips, with three or more generations traveling together, in the year 2016.
  • 46% of Travelers who complete mobile travel research indicate that they make their final booking decision on a mobile device, but moved to another device to complete the actual booking.
  • 74% of four travelers indicate that they plan to return to a destination they have visited previously. These travelers were obviously happy with their destination choice, so it is important that a hotel provide good service in order to gain the repeat business.

There are profits to be made in the hotel and motel industry, but it is important to make sure that reservations, work schedules, and complaints and concerns are properly handled. For this to happen, many hotel property owners rely on the latest hotel property management system.

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