Making Good Use of a Digital Agency


Modern businesses large and small need to make a constant marketing effort to promote their brand and their products or services. How is this done? Traditional methods are still in use today, such as putting up posters and handing out flyers, as well as signs that can be placed over a building’s door or on its roof. Some signs are electric panels or may be neon signs, such as for bars. Meanwhile, these traditional marketing strategies are often augmented with digital and Internet-based marketing as well. This allows a brand to spread its name far beyond its physical area, and online marketing experts from a digital agency can spread a brand across the United States or even the world. Digital agency services are quite relevant for most brand today, and proper website design, social media use, and more can cover a lot of ground. Most often, today’s companies will outsource this labor to a digital agency, or several, in addition to putting up physical signs and posters. How can a digital agency do its work?

SEO Work

Web design services may include SEO work in their efforts, and for those not familiar, SEO is “search engine optimization.” What do search engines have to do with all this? A lot. The Internet is a truly vast and varied place, and it may be difficult for a user to find desired content unless they enter a query into a search engine. The search engine will then bring up a whole list of results, and it finds results based on keywords and other relevant data in websites all across the Internet.

A company’s website will get a lot more traffic if it can appear easily in search engines, and appearing earlier in the results page is nearly always better. How to get there? A digital agency will have writers who create keyword-dense material for the client, and search engines look for relevant keywords in a website’s articles, headlines, video titles, photo captions, and more. More keywords is better, and websites that are regularly updated and kept fresh may appear early in the results page while abandoned or neglected websites will appear much later, rarely to be seen.

SEO work extends to hyperlinks. A website has strong SEO content if many other trustworthy and reliable websites have hyperlinks leading to it, and so SEO writers may include many hyperlinks and similar links in their content. After all, most search engine users will try to find the desired material within the first few pages of results, if not just the first page. Old websites or those that are barely relevant may appear much further down the list, and many search result lists may have thousands or even millions of items.

Solid Website Design

What else might a digital agency do? SEO work will help bring guests to a website, but it is good website design that will keep them there. This is the arena of programmers, graphic designers, and other experts, and a high quality website will be attractive to look at and will have an intuitive design that is easy to navigate. Larger websites even have their own miniature search engines so that guests may find what they are looking for. Retail websites will also have an online catalog that guests may browse, and good catalogs will include large and clear photos of all items, not to mention descriptive tags to make the catalog’s internal search engine more effective.

Good website design also means good technical quality, since studies show that website guests tend to be impatient. If a website’s articles, videos, or photos take too long to load, the guest may simply leave. A delay of 10 seconds may be all it takes. Something similar may happen if the videos often pause to buffer, or if the website often freezes or is difficult to navigate.

A related concept is social media. A digital agency may have social media experts who create and run accounts on behalf of business clients, where they can post information anytime about new deals or products, discounts and sales, and even share polls or answer consumer questions. Many consumers report being satisfied and happy when a company’s social media account promptly answers their questions or concerns online.

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