Not All Cables Are Made The Same Why The CAT5e Cable Cost Is Worth It For Home Office Workers


Your entertainment system needs an upgrade. Unfortunately, you’re at a total loss on what cables you should be buying.

Is the CAT5e cable cost worth all the trouble? That all depends on what you need. Someone who needs a simple Internet connection to check their e-mail is going to have different needs than a passionate Twitch streamer. Likewise, someone who works at a home office is going to need different equipment than someone who works in a corporate space. Unveiling your unique needs is all about asking the right questions, then finding the right tools.

What are Ethernet cables used for? Should you look into a CAT6 cable for your new streaming set-up? Let’s figure out what you’re missing below.

Internet Too Slow? Look Into Ethernet Cables To Speed Things Up

We’re all living in the future…so why deal with slow Internet? Speed things up by investing in Ethernet cables that are dedicated to the best possible results. According to the Pew Research Center, a whopping 75% of all Americans go online every day. CAT5 and CAT5e cables are now considered the standard for a smooth Ethernet connection. Those that work from home or multitask, however, may be more satisfied with a CAT6 — these contain four pairs of copper wire and use all the pairs for signaling.

Worried About Your Video Quality? HDMI Cables Can Rise To The Occasion

Alongside frustrating Internet drops you may also be frustrated with your video quality. Put those irritations to rest with better HDMI cables. The HDMI 2.0 supports bandwidth up to 18Gb per second, meaning no more dropping frame rates and fuzzy quality. Pairing this alongside a CAT5e cable cost will result in an optimal performance that will last for years. You can extend this wisdom to other parts of your life, too!

Frustrated With Your Phone? Swap Out Your Old Charging Cable

A phone that doesn’t charge fast enough — or fails to keep its high battery — may have a deeper problem. It’s been found you can make your phone’s battery life worse when you wait until it’s at 0% to recharge. Experts today recommend waiting until it’s at 40%, then reaching for your cell phone charging cable. Keep in mind not all phone cables are made the same, either. Make sure it’s compatible with your device so you’re not waiting on a half-finished charge.

Figuring Out Your Set-Up? Consider Buying A Few More USB Cables

If you feel your set-up is a little complicated, consider adding USB cables. These cables are designed to keep it all interconnected. USB 3.1 compliant devices are able to transfer data at 10 Gbps, an impressive amount perfect for the home worker. USB 2.0 compliant devices, however, can still reach a maximum transmission rate of 480 Mbps. The newest USB cables are able to connect to several devices, though very old electronics may need to be swapped out to keep up.

Need Extra Protection? Invest In A Powerful Surge Protector

You wouldn’t invest in a CAT5e cable cost and a new lightning cable without making sure it’s protected, right? The surge protector is an absolute must for all budgets and needs. These devices help you plug in all your devices in one place, which is useful if you’re struggling with organization. They also prevent your equipment from frying during a power outage or storm. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 80% of surveyed professionals say that surge protection is necessary to protect equipment.

You’ve got plenty of options for the best set-up yet. Invest in a CAT5e cable cost that invests in you.

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