Over 2 MB Of Information Is Created Every Second Of Every Day How Can Your Business Keep Up?


Unstructured data extraction engine

Technology is a double-edged sword. It can be extraordinarily helpful…and it can provide even more ways for us to lose valuable information.

Look no further than the Internet. Information is processed on a constant, rolling basis, clogging up digital avenue after digital avenue and leaving many companies reeling with the load. How do you make sense of so many videos, comments and websites emerging forth every single day? Entity matching applications are the proverbial fish net in the ocean, snagging exactly what you need to feed your business day in and day out. It’s not enough to just accept any big catch, however. Let’s look at how document categorization works and which types will be best for you and your interests.

Did You Know?

What are you up against today? Quite a lot, according to the International Data Corporation. Also known as the IDC, this group actively studies the wealth of information faced in the digital sphere and provides statistics to steady both companies and establishments. They’ve recently estimated less than 1% of data is ever analyzed. Text mining software and entity matching applications, however, can bridge this gap easily. Facebook today has nearly two billion monthly active users around the world and produces an incredible amount of data every second.

Text Analytics

There are many different types of entity matching applications and link extraction software on the market. Text analytics are just what they say on the tin — they analyze text and search for redundant words or phrases to steer you in the right direction. These have been used to support and strengthen border security in three major ways over the years. Text analytics can identify dangers near multiple borders, identify potential dangers that need follow-up and forecast future issues.

Entity Resolution

What about entity resolution software? This can be highly useful for major corporations and small businesses due to its flexible method of finding and linking similar key phrases across different platforms. The three most notable tasks involved in entity resolution is deduplication, record linkage and canonicalization. Text mining works similar to text analytics, though with a few key differences that could prove better for your particular brand.

Text Mining

More businesses are relying on the aid of text mining to better serve their customers. A text extraction engine can keep you from fishing in the dark and find you the commentary, phrases or keywords needed to keep your client base happy. Text mining provides much more accurate insights across a broad range of documents and sources, also giving business owners risk and threat detection to bolster their security measures. It’s updated on a regular basis, too, and ensures you are never left behind when the next trend comes around.

Using Link Extraction And Text Mining Software

The past several years have introduced an unbelievable amount of information. According to studies provided by the IDC the digital universe will reach well over 40 ZB by 2020, with an estimated two MB of new information created for every person of every second of every day. The current value of the text analytic market has been rising, to boot, and sits at a pretty $3 billion. The only way to keep pace with these rapidly changing times is to use software explicitly designed to bridge the gap between you and your consumers.

Technology is a tool. With link extraction software and entity matching applications, you can make sure it’s always a helpful one.

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