Tips to Set Up Your Cisco IP Phones Correctly


Modern Cisco IP phones are commonly used for communication in commercial and professional settings. To utilize them, they must be set up properly. The YouTube video “How to Setup a Cisco Phone” details the steps in properly setting up a Cisco Phone.

Video Source

When setting up a Cisco IP phone, the first step is fixing the base. This is done by attaching it firmly to the rear of the phone into which the base is designed to fit properly. After setting up the base, connect the handset cord to the handset. The long end of the cord goes into the phone while the short end enters the handset. Ensure that the cord is plugged into the ‘HAC’ compartment and fits into the groove that holds it in place.

For the Cisco IP phone to work, it must be connected to the network. One end of the network cord should be fixed into the ‘SW’ compartment of the phone while the other end should be plugged into the router. The Cisco IP phone can also be connected to the PC with a cord if that’s desired. Once these connections are set up and the phone is plugged in, it can be used.


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